John of God in New Zealand - Newsletter December 2007

Greetings to you all

Photo of Peter with the Motherstone

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It is now the wet season in Abadiânia which means it’s also mango season. Yaaah! It does have its downside. The group I am here with at present cannot use the hammocks that hang under the mango tree because of falling mangoes. Injury or death by falling mango is not a good look in this place of healing, although I can think of worse ways to go.

The Mother Crystal Has Flown

By the time you receive this, hopefully the mother crystal for the Casa de José will be either en route or will have arrived in NZ, having been flown at great expense from Abadiânia. A big thank you to the person who contributed so generously to its airfare! Any further donations gratefully accepted. Our other possibilities for sending it home were all bogged down in the red tape of documentation at the Brazil end. So here is hoping!!! Thank you Entities for clearing the way.

The Soup Kitchen

Thanks to all of you who are contributing to the running of the public soup kitchen here in Abadiânia. It was a specific request from Dr Augusto de Almeida that we from Australasia support this project, and we have done so during its building phase and now during its operational phase. Dr Augusto was one of the Entities whose presence was strong at the NZ events. The soup kitchen is now serving soup to 1500 over the 3 days it is open each week, as well as providing food parcels of rice, beans, oil etc for families, and running an after school programme for children. If you get to the Casa I recommend that you visit it. Those who have been have found it heart warming to see the families, sometimes 3 or 4 generations, using the facility. It also provides showering facilities and clothing for those who need them.

If you feel moved to donate, please make a deposit to the following bank account:

    National Bank
    Courtenay Place
    Account name : THE SOUP KITCHEN
    Account number : 060513 0288935 00

If you need a receipt, please contact me at

Also a special acknowledgement to Noreen et al for their wonderful contribution to the children’s Christmas party of, among other things, over 1000 dolls. It is hard for us to appreciate how little many of these local people have.

Casa Shop

Blessed Crystals/Jewellery

We have a new shipment of the crystal rosaries and wooden bracelets with divine feminine visages arriving back in NZ with me on December 11. If you are among those who wanted to buy these, please contact Jilly at and hopefully you will have them by Christmas.

We also have some blessed crystals as jewellery and the quartz points (small quartz crystals) that make wonderful gifts. As part of the insemination of the healing energy of the Entities throughout Australasia, we are endeavoring to get the points distributed as widely as possible, to be maintained as a source of special connection with the Entities by whoever receives them, or to be buried in Mother Earth for Earth healing.


We have a very limited number of the books listed below available. These are important background reading for anyone contemplating going to the Casa de Dom Inácio in Abadiânia and also for general interest reading about the phenomenon that is John of God. An increasing number of libraries around NZ now stock them. If your local library doesn’t, you could also buy them to gift to it. This particularly applies to Australia. The books are now available at discount prices:

Blessed Water

We are almost at the end of our stock of blessed water in New Zealand. If you wish to get another crate, please order to avoid missing out. Email Jilly at

Crystal Beds

The Entities continue to stress the importance of having crystal beds to reinforce and maintain the connection, provided the beds are still being used in accordance with the protocols of the Casa de Dom Inácio. Our list of beds around Australasia is growing. However, we are still missing some. If you are operating a crystal bed in accordance with the protocols and wish it to be open for public use, please let us know your contact details for inclusion in the list below.

Crystal Beds in New Zealand & Australia

Tours in 2008

2008 is shaping up to be a pivotal year in many ways. I suggest that if you have any inclination to go to the Casa de Dom Inácio, you do so sooner rather than later.

Should you wish to join one of our guided tours, please email me at or leave a message on 0064 4 3856453.

Tour Dates for 2008 (subject to minor variation)

And finally...

No dates have been set for the Australian event as yet. We will inform you as soon as we have any more information about it.

Best wishes to you all. May you have the adaptability to adjust to, and embrace, whatever changes 2008 has in store for you with peace, equanimity, and a loving heart.


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