John of God in New Zealand - Newsletter April 2008

Hi Fellow Pilgrims

I have recently returned from another wonderful tour to the Casa de Dom Inácio. This one was noted for the remarkable recoveries of a couple of the tour participants. One in particular, whose problems included a silicon filled eye with a detached retina, is progressively having sight recovery through that eye. Another required emergency dental work (not her reason for coming) including the removal of infected cystic roots and a bone transplant in preparation for transplants. She had her work done with the blessing of the Entities. It was without pain, there was absolutlely no bruising, the service impeccable, and the work was done highly skilfully. Where else in the world would the orthodontist and his nurses participate in prayer and the taking of blessed water before surgery? Where else in the world could a call be made to a pharmacist at 8pm and the required medicine arrive 15 minutes later? All is good, The Entities work in mysterious ways.

Casa de José

Photographs of the budding Casa de José, the new home of the motherstone, were shown to the Entity and Medium João. All approved. Instruction was also given that we will not have an incorporating Entity working there, but rather we will have the healing power of love operating on and through all who sit in the meditation space/current of the Casa de José. The motherstone provides the amplification for that energy and also serves as a receiving and transmission device for the Entities to work directly with all who sit there.

Progress to Date

Now that the motherstone and the Casa de José have found their home in a humble garage space in Brooklyn, Wellington, we have started regular meditation sessions there. The space is small and beautifully decked out in white. It is nestled in bush and has a tremendous feeling of lightness about it. A great advantage of the space is the minimal cost involved in its establishment. It also fulfils a directive of the Entity that I must live near the Casa de José. The solution was one I could not have guessed in my wildest dreams. Thank you Entities.

The charitable trust for the Casa is now in the process of being formulated.


A low key opening of the Casa de José was held on Saturday 26th April. We were blessed with a beautiful autumn day, the opening was well-attended, and the healing energy of the Entities was very apparent. The work of the Casa de José has truly started.
The Casa de Jose opening
The Casa de Jose opening The Casa de Jose opening The Casa de Jose opening

Meditation/Current Sessions

The following sessions are now operating:

All are welcome. See the map below for directions. Please email if you are intending to come to a session so that we have an idea of the number to expect.

Please be punctual as the sessions will be starting promptly at the scheduled times.

NB. These times are subject to variation as we familiarise ourselves more fully with the needs of those who wish to avail themselves of these opportunities. The process is still unfolding.

Prayer Basket

There is a prayer basket in the Casa where people can leave prayers or photos for healing. These will be worked on in the Casa de José and then taken to Brazil. There is also a Koha box for anyone who wants to make a contribution to the ongoing costs of running the Casa.

Tours to Brazil

Again I would stress to anyone interested in attending the Casa de Dom Inácio in Abadiânia, Brazil, to pull out all stops and go — sooner rather than later. My sense is that travel there after this year is going to be more difficult.

Should you wish to join one of our tours, please book early as ticketing across the Pacific is becoming harder when specific dates are required.

Upcoming Tour Dates (subject to minor variation)

Please email me at or leave a message on 0064 4 3856453 for further details.

Presenting Photos to the Entity

Anyone wishing to send photos with me for presentation to the Entity will need to get them to me before June 6. Please note, sending photos is like going before the Entity and you are likely to be prescribed herbs. It is important that you are prepared to take the herbs and follow the prescribed dietary protocols. You may either get the photos taken by me at my office or you may post them to me.

See sending photos for details.

Soup Kitchen in Abadiânia

Many thanks to those of you who have contributed to the running of the soup kitchen in Abadiânia. The soup kitchen was setup at the request of the Entities and is doing wonderful work helping to feed and clothe the poor of Abadiânia.

If you would like to make a donation, please make a deposit to the following bank account:

    National Bank
    Courtenay Place
    Account name : The Soup Kitchen
    Account number : 060513 0288935 00

Please contact me at if you would like a receipt.

Crystal Beds

We have a growing list of crystal light bed locations available to the public: crystal bed list.

We have asked for assurance from each of those listed that the bed is operated according to the protocols and instructions of the Entities. Most importantly, this includes not mixing the energy of the Entities working through the crystal bed with other energy work.

You are encouraged, wherever possible, to continue regular crystal beds as part of your ongoing treatment by, and connection with, the Entities.

Casa Shop

Blessed Water

Our stocks of blessed water from the New Zealand event have come to an end. Some other solution will resolve here but I am not sure what at this stage.

Blessed Crystals and Rosaries

We have ongoing stocks of these. With the changing times that we live in, please continue to acquire and distribute the blessed quartz crystals for healing of both individuals and mother earth, particularly as this relates to the South Pacific and Australia. We encourage you to buy these for distribution/burying in as many locations as possible.

Special Offer

Three clear quartz points for $20 plus post and packaging - ($5 within New Zealand $10 elsewhere)

Please contact Jilly at to order.


Please contact Jilly at to order.

Heather Cumming’s book, John of God, is available through


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