John of God New Zealand - Newsletter December 2008

Hi there fellow pilgrims

Well, as 2008 rolls to a rather tumultuous end for many people on earth, we complete our last tour for the year. As so often happens this tour was punctuated by a lot of laughter and some tears. All of you who have been to Abadiânia will understand the rollercoaster nature of tours there. This tour was very international with people from NZ, Australia, Hongkong, UK, USA and Germany, including people of Philippino and Russian extraction. It was also truly a family tour with mothers bringing their children and a son doing surrogate work for a father too unwell to travel. I heard the comment more than once that the group itself was much like a family. To have people outside their immediate blood family or ethnic group feel “like family without the fights” was a new experience for some group members and very healing in itself.


During the last trip, when I presented some snapshots of the Casa de José to the Entity, he told me that he wanted bigger photos. This time we had big photos framed for him. On receiving them he looked them over carefully, seemingly absorbing the elements in the photo or maybe even travelling there, before pronouncing that it is “tudo certo” – “all is correct and as it should be”. I guess we have got it right so far. Thank you Entities for your inspiration.

The sense of how the Casa is unfolding is becoming clearer. The elements of it are very similar to those of the earliest churches. They bore very little resemblance to churches as we know them today. They were very simple places, often houses, that served several important functions: nourishing and attending the unwell both on a physical and spiritual level, tending to the spiritual growth and evolution of all those who attended in whatever form, and providing a bridge between the material and spiritual world through meditation and education. This I suspect is the route that we are also taking. The soup kitchen referred to earlier by the Entities being the place of nourishment as well as the place to grow and to bridge the two worlds. Let us see what unfolds.

In the meantime anyone with a genuine desire to grow, to heal, and to contribute their energy to the healing of others and the bridging between worlds is welcome to come and join us. See below for Casa meditation times.

Casa de José Photos Shown to the Entity
Casa de Jose Casa de Jose
Casa de Jose Casa de Jose

Current Sessions

Natural Health Centre

Casa de José

Please wear white or light coloured clothing and aim to arrive 10-15 minutes early so that you can be seated before the start of the session.


Eva Wilson is coordinating the flowers for the Casa. Could anyone who would like to contribute by buying some flowers or bringing some from their garden please contact Eva by emailing or phoning 385-1172.

Mailing List

We have a separate mailing list for the reminder notices and anything else specifically related to the Casa de José. If you wish to receive these, please register through the website, Casa de José mailing list.

New Year Dinner – 10th January

The dinner to welcome in the New Year will be held at the Skyline (top of the Cable Car) on Saturday 10th January. Please let Shayne know whether or not you will be coming. Email


Unfortunately the Australian event has been postponed until further notice. Those of you who have purchased tickets will be refunded as soon as possible.

TOURS 2009

The dates on these remain somewhat fluid because of events in both the seen and unseen worlds. At this time they are set out as below, subject to variation. If you wish to join or want more information, contact me at

  • March 16 - April 7
  • July 12 - August 1
  • November 1 - November 24

    This tour I have done extra surrogate surgeries for people who have had “X”s on their photos but have not been able to get to Brazil personally. Some people don't feel much. Others have the most extraordinary experiences which belies any thought that this is just a figment of imagination. Unfortunately we are going to have to put up prices for taking photos and doing Surrogates next year because of currency fluctuations. The balance of what you pay goes to the soup kitchen in Abadiânia.


    Thanks to all who contribute regularly to the soup kitchen or make one-off donations. We, in the South Pacific, don’t really appreciate real poverty to the extent of, quite literally, not being able to feed your family. It is always gratifying to go down there and see sometimes 3 generations of family being able to have a nourishing meal for at least 3 days per week and basic food parcels to cover the other times.

    If you would like to make a donation, please make a deposit to the following bank account:

        National Bank, Courtenay Place, Wellington
        Account name : The Soup Kitchen
        Account number : 060513 0288935 00
        NB. Please put your name in the reference field.

    Please contact me at if you would like a receipt.


    Again I cannot over emphasise the value of crystal beds if you have access to one operated according to the Casa protocol i.e. it is operated by someone authorised by the Entities to do so and there is no other energetic work being done in conjunction with it. This ensures that the crystal bed functions as a vehicle for the work of the Entities and not just as a chromatherapy machine with pretty lights.

    We have compiled a list of crystal light beds that meet the above criteria and are open to the public: crystal bed list.


    We still have some blessed crystals from the Casa de Dom Inácio at discounted prices. It is especially important that we continue to return as many clear quartz crystals as possible to Mother Earth over as wide an area as possible as part of her healing.

    There are also a few books and music CDs available at greatly reduced prices:

    Please see Deb or email if you are interested.


    Best wishes for the New Year. It is truly a time of letting go and working to remain centered, equanimous, and connected, whatever is happening in the outside world. It’s a time of change that can either be embraced or feared. The choice is there for each of us.


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