John of God in New Zealand - Newsletter February 2008

Greetings to you all in 2008

May this highly significant year offer you all lots of opportunities for personal growth and further the evolution of human consciousness overall.

Much of significance has already occurred and the year has scarcely begun. Just look around you. Of particular note are the following:

The Mother Crystal Has Landed

After several months of endeavor to ship it out of Brazil, on 28 December 2007, the mother stone for the NZ Casa de José touched down in NZ. This 420 kg rose quartz has found its home in my garage. On its arrival there, it became obvious that this will become the temporary, or maybe even permanent, home and, as such, the Casa de José for now.

At the point of its arrival there, I was reminded of the arrival of another highly significant energy 2000 odd years ago, in another shelter for the mode of transport for that time. That one was for donkeys and other animals. As with that space, this space is modest and humble but feels entirely appropriate for now. It also fulfills the Entity’s instruction to me to live near the Casa de José. We can also commence at minimal cost.

The crystal itself seemed to come alive within moments of its arrival. Even the transport driver who delivered it asked me with curiosity what he had been carrying around all day as he had felt something. Whereas in Brazil it seemed quite dormant, it activated on arrival as if someone had switched it on. I am no electronics expert, but my simple understanding of it is that its function is similar to the functions of the tiny crystals in what were known as crystal radios or crystal sets ie. as a focusing device for transmission and reception of energy waves/sound waves, call them what you like.

It is still in its crate. This is fine as it is the energy of it that is important rather than the visuals. It is now opened and when we have the space prepared we will have an opening and blessing. We will let you know when that opening will be. In the meantime we sit with it regularly.

Thank you Entities and all those who assisted in getting the motherstone home, including those associated with the Casa de Dom Inácio in Brazil.

We are currently in the process of converting the garage into the Casa de José. We are looking for a white ceiling cover/lining and light coloured floor covering. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Opening of Australian Centre

Sunday 20th January 2008

With the blessing of the Entities and Medium João, over 100 people attended the opening of The Australian Casa at ‘Eagles Nest’ property.

A few weeks prior, a traditional Aboriginal cleansing of the land was performed by a Bundjalung Elder. Kaye Cook contacted her spirit ancestors, asking permission for the usage of the land and its cleansing. The tribes from this area are amongst the few who use crystals for healing. They are also the rainmakers. The cleansing was completed with constant downpours every day for the three weeks leading up to the opening. Then the sun broke the sky for the entire opening day! Prior to meeting us, or our land, and only a couple of months ago, Kaye had done a traditional painting with the title: “The Eagles Nest” - even she found this special.

Just as Kelly and Kristin Dale are not the original owners of the land, they both feel strongly about sharing the magnificent property with others. They have had visions of a spiritual centre on the property for years, but to have one associated with the Casa de Dom Inácio in Brazil is very special. As a wonderful example of what the Casa is to represent - ‘a place of learning and healing for all people’ - many, many people have helped to set it up and get it off and running. The generosity of time and energy shows it is a working, collaborating, community centre.

A beautiful current session was held and food prepared with love was served to the masses. The Entities energy was certainly present and felt, as was the respect and gratitude towards them, the Casa de Dom Inácio in Brazil (including all its volunteers), and Medium João. Australian Casa Team Australian Casa Opening Current Australian Casa Opening Current Australian Casa Opening Blessed Water

Again with much support, the regular current kicked off on Wednesday 23rd. Current sessions are now held free of charge in the premises every Wednesday (10-12 & 1-3 - with soup served for lunch). As in Brazil, The Australian Casa is run as a non-denominational centre for spiritual learning. For further details please visit

Opening of Current Room in Sydney

The John of God Currrent Room, Sydney, launched its first evening current/meditation in Crows Nest on Thursday January 24.

Sixty five people experienced the divine healing energy of JOG’s Entities for the hour and a half event. People flew in from the north of NSW, drove from the Central Coast, and from as far away as the Blue Mountains and Bowral in the south, to experience this divine energy. A divine experience not to be missed.

The John of God Current Room will be held every fourth Thursday evening, so please put February 28, in your diary and check at the end of the month for venue details.

Medium João’s Next Trip Down Under

We are receiving lots of inquiries about the next John of God event in Australasia. Nothing has been scheduled as yet, but we will let you know if one is confirmed for New Zealand or Australia. If you, or anyone else you know who is interested, are not already receiving our newsletters, please join our mailing list to stay informed about future developments.

The Soup Kitchen

Thanks to those of you who have contributed to the running of the soup kitchen in Abadiânia. The soup kitchen was setup at the request of the Entities and is doing wonderful work helping to feed and clothe the poor of Abadiânia.

If you would like to make a donation, please make a deposit to the following bank account:

    National Bank
    Courtenay Place
    Account name : The Soup Kitchen
    Account number : 060513 0288935 00

Please contact me at if you would like a receipt.

Tours to Brazil

I strongly advise anyone who is interested in going to the Casa de Dom Inácio in Brazil, to do it sooner rather than later. I have a strong sense that, with current global changes on a lot of levels, it could be a lot more difficult to travel later. Prices are certainly already increasing and, for the first time, we are actually having difficulty getting seats at any price.

It is still recommended that people travel with a guide to get the most out of the experience as the pilgrim is freed up as much as possible from the stresses of the trip, and is able to focus fully on their reasons for going. Should you wish to travel as part of one of our groups, the schedule is outlined below. Please book early as we are experiencing some difficulty getting tickets across the Pacific at a reasonable price. The schedule is subject to slight variation depending on flight availability and other factors.

NB. Yellow fever shots are recommended for all travel to the Casa at present as there have been some cases reported in Goias State and Brasilia.

Tour Dates for 2008 (subject to minor variation)

Please email me at or leave a message on 0064 4 3856453 for further details.

Presenting Photos to the Entity

Anyone wishing to send photos with me for presentation to the Entity will need to get them to me before February 28. Please note, sending photos is like going before the Entity and and you are likely to be prescribed herbs. It is important that you are prepared to take the herbs and follow the prescribed dietary protocols. You may either get the photos taken by me at my office or you may post them to me.

See sending photos for details.

Crystal Beds

You are encouraged to continue having regular crystal beds. When operated appropriately, the Entities have said that they work on the recipient directly through the crystals. Our list of crystal light beds, that are both open to the public and are being operated in accordance with the protocols of the Casa, is steadily increasing. Everyone on the following list has verified that they are operating in this manner: crystal bed list.

Casa Shop

Blessed Water

We are down to our final quantities of the blessed water from the last New Zealand event. Should you want to order some, please contact Jilly at

Blessed Crystals

The more crystals that we can spread around and plant in appropriate places in the earth the better at this time. We still have a quantity of these. It is suggested that you buy them to look after until you know the right place to bury them. You will be surprised as to how your intuition will kick in and tell you where they need to go. We also have a few pendants left at 30% discount, plus a new shipment of rosaries (wooden and quartz), and various other stones.

Crystal Special Offer

One Aventurine Point and One Aventurine Silver Pendant $25 plus post and packaging - ($5 within New Zealand $10 elsewhere)

These crystals are from the Casa de Dom Inácio and have been blessed by the Entities. Aventurine promotes compassion and empathy and encourages perseverance. It stabilises state of mind and stimulates perception and is a comforter and heart healer, it settles nausea, dissolves negative emotions and thoughts, and is useful in malignant conditions.

Please contact Jilly at to order.


We have distributed books around a considerable number of New Zealand libraries. Interestingly, the odd library would not accept them. For Australians, please consider buying copies and giving them to your local library.

We still have a few copies of the following books left at discount prices:

Book Special Offer

The Power to Heal by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich, $27 plus post and packaging - ($5 within New Zealand $10 elsewhere)

The Power to Heal is concise and considers all forms of popular healing energy modalities. It tells you how to attune to and tap into universal healing energies and includes explanations of how energies work in the body, the causes of disease, the effect of karma, mediumship and the use of spiritual guides.

Please contact Jilly at to order.

Heather Cumming’s book, John of God, is available through


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