John of God in New Zealand - Newsletter July 2008

Greetings All

By the time you receive this, our July tour to the Casa De Dom Inácio will be over. It has been, for me, one of the most rewarding tours yet with participants from NZ, UK, South Africa, Sweden and a blessing named Luzmila who arrived from near Lake Titicaca, Peru. Each tour has its own flavour. This one I would describe as gentle and cohesive with many touches of “magic”.

There was Elizabeth our bird woman from Te Puke who not only got her broken teeth fixed by the wonderful dentist here, (he even came in to see her on Sunday and would drop her back at the guest house after appointments), but also quite literally talked a very trapped little bird onto the end of a broom stick and out of its prison. There was Howard who wanted to feel something happen. He got so wobbly and faint he had to lie down for a day and sleep a new experience for him. There was Jill who wanted “to see, feel and hear God in all things”. She got to witness a dog run over completely by the back wheels of a large multi-wheeled truck. She raced to get us in a highly distressed state. Not only had the dog disappeared within we returned with her 5 minutes later, but by the following day it was running around with merely a limp.

Then was our doctor from South Africa, Hilda, who wanted to take back evidence. She received 2 visible surgeries, including a double eye scraping, both captured on video plus the opportunity to watch and video other visible surgeries close up. To boot, she asked the Entities if Medium João could travel to South Africa and they said “Yes”. Yours truly also had an eye surgery done with the Entity’s finger rather than a knife and without need to rest afterwards because of my commitments to the group.

There was also 2 year old Carl from Sweden whose parents just happen to be working in Brasilia until the end of the year. He has a condition which doctors, here and in Europe, believe will cause him to transition within the next 2 years. A beautiful, almost translucent, little angel who cannot even be fed by mouth. The Entity said that he needs 4 trips here and that he is not going to die. His path is a very difficult one and very blessed in having the opportunity to receive the work of the Entities.

Then there was Luzmila who is best described in the words of Angela:

“It’s well known among my friends that I am a worrier and when it comes to traveling, it moves up a notch. So you can imagine the scale of worry that comes with travelling to Abadiânia, even though I am led like a child! Then someone comes into your life that shows you what a wimp you really are!! This someone is called Luzmila, a Peruvian woman who travelled on a bus for 5 days and nights with hardly any money, not many clothes, not knowing where she was going to stay, offering to work for accommodation and food. Blimey, I wouldn’t even travel from one end of the North Island to the other, even with everything arranged and plenty of money. Her reaction to the smallest kindness was as if she had won the lottery. It was very humbling. She was an inspiration to us all. So I say God Bless you Luzmila and may you receive all the healing you desire.”

Luzmila who lives near Puno on Lake Titicaca first saw Medium João in Peru 14 years ago when 40,000 people met him at the airport and he is reputed to have seen 20,000 people over a weekend in the pouring rain. A touch from the Entity at that time healed a previous condition of hers. So when doctors, even in Lima, couldn’t correct her current condition she undertook the journey to Brazil.

Luzmila — photos courtesy of Angela
Luzmila at Luz Divina Luzmila at the Casa
Luzmila at the Casa Luzmila at Fruttis


José Penteado announced that he is the President of Casa de José in New Zealand. He also announced that we will be opening a soup kitchen in NZ as part of the Casa. This is consistent with visions received for the past 2 months of a facility that includes a large energy independent kitchen facility, storage for food, tents, camp stretchers, sleeping bags etc. The facility is on a plateau with its own wood and water supply. I suspect it is relatively close to Wellington, but who knows? Watch this space and see what unfolds.

So could anyone who has a bale of money, a site, or design skills that they wish to donate please come forward.


Thanks to the generosity of certain people, the documents for the Casa de José Charitable Trust are almost complete and awaiting IRD approval. This is the vehicle that will be used to develop the soup kitchen.


The Casa de José has been up and running in its temporary home for a few months. The energy from the motherstone is extremely powerful and the presence of the Entities very obvious. We will continue to hold the current/healing sessions there while the location and form of the next stage unfolds.

Current Sessions

All are welcome. See the map below for directions. Wear white or light coloured clothing. You will need warm clothing as it can be a bit chilly in the Casa. Please arrive 15 minutes early so that you can be seated before the start of the session.

Prayer Basket

There is a prayer basket in the Casa where people can leave prayers or photos for healing. These will be worked on in the Casa de José and then taken to Brazil.

Koha Box

There is also a Koha box for anyone who wants to make a contribution to the ongoing costs of running the Casa. All donations received will be recorded and will only be used to support the work of the Entities.


Eva Wilson is coordinating the flowers for the Casa. Could anyone who would like to contribute by buying some flowers or bringing some from their garden please contact Eva by emailing or phoning 385-1172.

Mailing List

We have a separate mailing list for the reminder and other housekeeping notices related to the Casa de José. If you wish to receive these please register through the website, Casa de José mailing list. Any major developments will still be announced in these newsletters. Please note that you do not have to respond to continue receiving the newsletters.


We are seeing that the predictions of travel becoming more difficult are coming true. If you want to travel to Brazil, don’t leave it too long. For those who might wish to travel as part of our groups, we have tours leaving in September and November.

Please refer to our website,, for details of what to expect on a tour. For further information about costs etc. please make a query through the website, email me at, or leave a message on 0064 4 3856453.

Upcoming Tour Dates (subject to minor variation)


The next deadline for photos is August 24. It is highly recommended that you send photos for herbs as a means of keeping the energetic contact with the Entities.

See sending photos for details.


Special thanks from the Entities (Dr Augusto de Almeida) for our donations to the Soup kitchen in Abadiânia. They are feeding a highly nutritious meal to around 1500 people per week on site and distributing large numbers of food parcels to needy families. There is no entry criterion. All are welcome there. Whole families, sometimes 3 generations, come. The poor of Brazil, who experience a poverty we do not know in NZ or Australia, are suffering from the rising food prices affecting so many countries at this time. Many quite literally cannot afford to adequately feed their children or themselves.

If you would like to make a donation, please make a deposit to the following bank account:

    National Bank, Courtenay Place, Wellington
    Account name : The Soup Kitchen
    Account number : 060513 0288935 00
    NB. Please put your name in the reference field.

Please contact me at if you would like a receipt.


Again I cannot over emphasise the value of crystal beds if you have access to one operated according to the Casa protocol i.e. it is operated by someone authorised by the Entities to do so and there is no other energetic work being done in conjunction with it. This ensures that the crystal bed functions as a vehicle for the work of the Entities and not just as a chromatherapy machine with pretty lights.

We have compiled a list of crystal light beds that meet the above criteria and are open to the public: crystal bed list.


Please see our website,, for details of crystals etc. available for purchase.


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