John of God in New Zealand - Newsletter October 2008

Hi Fellow Pilgrims of Life

Another magnificent tour full of laughter has ended as the world economic order stumbles and gasps for air and prepares to reconstitute itself right on cue. This is 2008 after all!

In Abadiânia, externally we had the lead up to local body elections which, in Brazil, is more like the lead up to a much celebrated football match or the soccer World Cup with lots of street parties, fireworks, noise and parades of automobiles of all sorts covered with banners and flags promoting their favorite “team”. What is more they have an election 3 years out of 4 on one level or another, so it really is a national pastime. Closer to home, we were blessed with the talents of a magnificent cook who gave the guest house cooks the night off and showered us with gourmet cuisine. Also we had the debut concert of a budding opera star, thrilling us all.

The roller coaster ride continued relatively gently for all participants and all completed in great spaces with a more profound depth of understanding of what lies underneath the phenomenon that occurs at the Casa de Dom Inácio and within their own psychic matrix.

A couple of comments from group participants:

“There are trips and there are journeys. This was a very special journey and an overwhelming life changing experience.”
“It pushed me to the limits of my comfort zone. It pushed all my buttons and fears, but I have come through it with a sense of peace and support that I can call on when in need. I found in Current (the meditation room) that I could ask a question and receive an answer. It was dropped into my mind. I found the support of the group a very important part of the process. We were all being pushed to our limits yet the courage and tenacity shown by all members helped to support each one in their own journey. To see each one surmount their own trials was a joy and a privilege to be part of. Also other residents of the pousada (guesthouse) were automatically included in the group dynamic which increased the feeling of being part of a much bigger community. It just expanded to include all.”

September 2008 Group — Photos courtesy of Colin
September 2008 group Soup Kitchen


Once again thanks to all of you who contribute to the soup kitchen via the Soup Kitchen bank account. Dr Augusto again thanked us and asked one of our group members, who had never spoken in public before, to speak from the main stage and tell those at the Casa about the soup kitchen‘s work with the community and to solicit donations for food parcels and to buy food for the kitchen itself. He did magnificently. Thanks Gordon.

The soup kitchen currently serves about 1500 meals per day 3 days per week. It also provides food parcels and clothing to those in need.

If you would like to make a donation, please make a deposit to the following bank account:

    National Bank, Courtenay Place, Wellington
    Account name : The Soup Kitchen
    Account number : 060513 0288935 00
    NB. Please put your name in the reference field.

Please contact me at if you would like a receipt.


Dr Augusto gave us some more insight into the Casa de José, saying that the mother crystal belongs to José Valdivino. Previously José Penteado had informed us that he was the President of the Casa, so it is now well established that all the Josés are involved in the Casa de José in New Zealand.

Dr Augusto again reiterated that we could do what we like with it. I understand this to mean that we will continue to receive our instructions downloaded piecemeal as has been occurring, rather than getting the entire master plan all at once. He is also encouraging people from other parts of NZ to come and sit there to both receive the benefits and to build the energy further.

I was also given lessons in the simplicity that is a must for the Casa and in the necessity for material inputs to come from across the board rather than from just one or two individuals. That said, we are still looking for a more permanent site and the resources to both buy it and develop it.

I was told a story of one of the other Casas in Brazil, where an individual had the resources to fund a rather grandiose centre that was planned. The Entity insisted that the Centre be simplified and built from second hand bricks. The potential sponsor was given the task of scrubbing all the bricks to prepare them to be reused. Take what message you wish from this. The Entity also insisted that the earth be pounded flat with the feet of everyone present. The opening took place in a thunderstorm with mud up to everyone’s calves. The thousands that attended effectively “pounded” the earth. So we again get messages of simplicity and the need to actively support the Casa de José to unfold in its own time. This is quite different from passively doing nothing and a great lesson for life generally.

When asked what should be done now to help build the Casa in New Zealand, the Entity simply smiled and said “Amor” – love. This indicates that the Casa needs a solid foundation of love and trust in order to flourish. While waiting for the future form and location to unfold, we continue to hold current/healing sessions in the Casa’s temporary home.

Casa de Jose Casa de Jose

Current Sessions

All are welcome. See the map below for directions. Wear white or light coloured clothing. You will need warm clothing as it can be a bit chilly in the Casa. Please arrive 15 minutes early so that you can be seated before the start of the session.

Prayer Basket

There is a prayer basket in the Casa where people can leave prayers or photos for healing. These will be worked on in the Casa de José and then taken to Brazil.

Koha Box

There is also a Koha box for anyone who wants to make a contribution to the ongoing costs of running the Casa.


Eva Wilson is coordinating the flowers for the Casa. Could anyone who would like to contribute by buying some flowers or bringing some from their garden please contact Eva by emailing or phoning 385-1172.

Mailing List

We have a separate mailing list for the reminder notices and anything else specifically related to the Casa de José. If you wish to receive these please register through the website, Casa de José mailing list. Any major developments will still be announced in these newsletters. Please note that you do not have to register to continue receiving these newsletters.


As well as taking photos before the Entity and getting herbs for people, I am now, with the Entity’s permission, doing more surrogate surgeries. This applies to those who have previously received an “X” on a photo and are not likely to be able to travel to Brazil in the near future to have the surgery personally. This means that, after getting specific permission from the Entity in each case, I sit in the surgery in the Casa in Brazil and act as a conduit to the receiver. The receiver needs to be in bed at the time and stay there for 24 hours after surgery. See surrogate surgery for the other protocols that need to be followed. Contact me if you have previously had an “X” and are interested in having a surrogate surgery and sending photos as above. The cost is the same and surgery herbs will be prescribed. The next deadline for photos is November 5.

See sending photos for details.

You can also send letters or photos to the Casa for healing only. Write the person’s name, address and date of birth on the back and either give them to me or leave them in the prayer basket in the Casa.


Please refer to our website,, for details of what to expect on a tour. For further information about costs etc. please make a query through the website, email me at, or leave a message on 0064 4 3856453.

Last Tour in 2008

Tours in 2009

We finally have tour dates for 2009. Each is scheduled for 3 weeks at the Casa plus travelling time. However, in each case a 2 week option is available - subtract 7 days from dates given.

* Depending on need either of these tours could be divided into 2 back to back tours: one earlier and one later. In this way we can keep numbers on each tour limited. If there is sufficient interest there is a further option of a 3-7 day side tour to Iguassu Falls or Salvador and Buenos Aires or Santiago.


Again I cannot over emphasise the value of crystal beds if you have access to one operated according to the Casa protocol i.e. it is operated by someone authorised by the Entities to do so and there is no other energetic work being done in conjunction with it. This ensures that the crystal bed functions as a vehicle for the work of the Entities and not just as a chromatherapy machine with pretty lights.

We have compiled a list of crystal light beds that meet the above criteria and are open to the public: crystal bed list.


Please email if you wish to purchase blessed crystals, rosaries or books about the Casa de Dom Inácio.


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