John of God New Zealand - Newsletter April 2009

Greetings Fellow Pilgrims

. . . and another tour draws to a close. I am staying on an extra week to spend some time sitting in current myself. This tour was an interesting one in terms of the depth some group members went to in connecting with, sometimes projecting, and often clearing, old stuff both physical and psychic. One partipant arrived walking freely, had a foot reaction that necessitated the use of a wheelchair, and was walking again, absolutely without problem, by the time of departure. Go figure that one! It is so rewarding to bear witness to that process and sometimes a little exhausting being part of it.

Along with that, we shared our lodgings with people who had experienced remarkable journeys – a person who had HIV and Hepatitis C, and now has zero loading; a person who had lupus for many years, was on the point of transition 8 years ago, but was cleared here in 10 weeks without recurrence. Spontaneous remission????. So many stories!

We had a wonderful multinational flavour to the group, including some Irish leprechauns and a gorgeous woman from French Guyana.

A few comments:

“I now understand that this is a partnership between me and the Entities and I have to do my bit.”
“We arrived in a torrential downpour, lightening, thunder, the whole enchilada. It was a sign of things to come. This was my second trip to Adadiânia and I was expecting a little more of the ‘Comer, Rezar, Amar’ (‘Eat, Pray, Love’) I had experienced in my first trip. Instead the flood gates opened. I cried a LOT. I cried for myself, my family, people I knew, people I’d never met. I cried privately and, even more, publicly. Tears through humility and for humanity. I cried in gratitude and with love, also in anger, and with pain. I cried for the simple beauty of life and also the complex. Moments of ‘What the hell am I doing here?’ and then ‘thank God I came’. Complete mindshifts and expanding horizons. New lessons learned and hopefully remembered. Even my crying seemed layered in true Divine beauty. Finally! I cried for the absolute grace. In the endless shades of greens in the landscape there’s a vibrant new growth, everwhere I see. Those who‘ve been to Abadiânia know there is a great richness and colour in its mud."
“I highly recommend a guide. I feel you receive 10 times more from your experience than you would if you were alone. ‘Guide’ is a very small word for the help and support you receive.”

Casa de José

The energy continues to grow and refine.

Two photos of the Casa de José now hang in the public area of the Casa de Dom Inácio. As far as words from the Entity, José merely said “they were watching over us and helping us” . . . I assume from this that we must be getting it right.

The Charitable Trust has now received its final approvals, so lets see what happens next as the Casa continues its journey of unfolding. This means that we are now a registered charity, so any donations we receive towards the development of the Casa, whenever and whereever that may be, will be income tax deductible.

To celebrate this, and the 1st anniversary of the Casa de José, we will be having a special celebration on the meditation day on the 9th May, followed by a meal together in the evening. Plans are not yet set in concrete as to where and when this will be. Could anyone wishing to join this dinner, please let Deb know (email

Casa de José – Altar
Casa de Jose Altar

Session Times

Natural Health Centre

Casa de José

Please wear white or light coloured clothing and aim to arrive 10-15 minutes early so that you can be seated before the start of the session.

Surrogate Surgeries and Photos to Brazil

Some people are experiencing and reporting significant impacts from their surrogate surgeries. Others experience very little in the way of sensations. There is no right or wrong way.

One comment:

“I had just turned the light out, closed my eyes and everything started. I felt them doing the operation. As soon as I went into the other bedroom I knew they were already there. I had just closed my eyes and I felt like I was half awake and half asleep and I knew I was thinking to myself ‘I can’t be asleep, that was just too quick’. Then I felt these profound spasms of energy come through my feet and up my legs. It was like pulsating electricity. Then I felt the pulling and tugging in my entire tummy area, this was also very profound, especially on my left side, this lasted I think for near on 2 minutes, I don’t know? Then I just went off to sleep and awoke again at day break. All the surgeries I have had in Brazil, I have never felt anything. Although I did feel them working on me when I had a crystal bed in Brazil under the Entities instructions, but it wasn’t like this.”

If you have had an ‘X’ on your photo, are not likely to get to Brazil in the next while, and wish me to do a surrogate for you next trip, please get photos to me by June 17th. Be sure that you read the protocols before committing to this and that you are prepared to stick to them. See surrogate surgery for details.

This date also applies to those who wish to send photos for more herbs or for revision from a previous surrogate surgery. Please refer to sending photos and taking herbs if you are not familiar with the process.

Crystal Beds

Again, you are encouraged, if you live near a crystal bed that is being used according to the protocols of the Casa, to use it as regularly or as often as you can, to maintain and enhance your connections with the Entities. It can create its own poetry and wisdom:

“I had a Crystal bed today. There was a lovely smell of incense and what smelt like melting wax (candles). I was very deeply relaxed and it came to me clearly that thinking happens by itself. There is no ‘I’ that thinks . . . so the thoughts are sort of like space junk. This doesn’t relate very well in an email – but it was a remarkable experience, sort of like when your back is out of alignment and it clicks back in.”

Tours to the Casa

The dates for subsequent tours this year are as below. They are subject to a slight change.

Please book early as it impacts both on price, my sanity, and that of my travel agents. Please check our website,, for information about what to expect in Brazil. Contact me at for bookings and prices.

Tour Dates


Watch out for the Austrian made documentary, “HEALING - JOHN OF GOD, THE SPIRIT ENTITIES AND THEIR WORK FOR MANKIND”. This documentary has been purchased by the NZ Film Festival so it should show in July at film festivals around NZ. It has been very well received in Europe. It will come out later on DVD. We will publish details as soon as we have them.

“To resist the allure of this beautiful, raw and honest film would be inhuman. The more you watch it, the more your fascination and understanding of the subject matter will grow” – Dr Annemarie Keller

Incidentally, I have spoken to several people from Europe that have seen, in their own countries, the documentary made for TVNZ.

Blessed Crystals from the Casa

We still have some Earth crystals available. These are clear quartz points that need to be returned to Mother Earth to help in her healing. We can supply these for the cost of postage and packaging plus a donation to the Casa de José. We also have wooden and crystal rosaries, and small green aventurine, amethyst, and sodalite points for sale. Please email if you are interested.


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