John of God New Zealand - Newsletter August 2009

Greetings Fellow Pilgrims

Another amazing trip is complete. The flavours of this trip were the diversity in ages and backgrounds, laughter, and lots of group trips to the waterfall. With regard to the waterfall the group just kept on growing. The other theme was around relationships; the severing of some unhealthy bonds from the past and making space for new healthier ones.

It was wonderful to see the 15-year old just slip right into the unfolding process between slices of watermelon and chocolate cake, and the 72-year old do just the same. The 15-year old had an interesting question for the Entity: “Have I been here (at the Casa ) in a previous lifetime?” The Entity seemed to scan him and look right through him before answering “Yes” and sending him back to his work meditating.

I am constantly amazed at the transformation in people in just a few days and the power of the group in this respect. Each seems perfectly configured for the benefit of all participants even if it is not immediately obvious.

Passing photos before the Entity and Surrogate Surgeries etc.

The Entity told me that he would like to see all those whose photos I brought this time in Abadiânia. He has recently told two other guides the same thing. He also said that it is valuable for those who sent photos to come as part of a group with the guide who carried the photos. I do not fully understand the reasons for this, but rest assured it would be for a good reason and I will share that information if I ever find out. Although I did numerous surrogate surgeries none of the photos got crosses this time, just the directive outlined above. This was also a first.

A Surrogate Surgery Experience

Here is someone’s experience:

“it was quite awesome ...................... I found myself having mixed feelings of being both ‘scared of’ and ‘deeply grateful’ for the healing that was about to take place. Firstly it felt as if I was told to be in bed by 9pm (8am Abadiania time).......... and as I was busily trying to finish up my chores for the day and the weekend (so I didn’t have to lift anything too heavy) .................I found it was a little after 9pm.............I could feel my abdominal region and pelvic region ‘cooling’............... I quickly put myself to bed and as I did, I played the video from the ‘a day at the casa’ website to help me connect to the casa and John of God. As I lay there the ‘cooling’ increased so that I could barely feel anything (I’d been having a lot of pain around my left hip and pelvis for the last two weeks). I said a little prayer, thanked the entities, John of God and yourself for helping me tonight. I drifted off to sleep. I woke up around 11.40pm and could hardly move ................ it wasn’t scary ................. but it felt like there was a plaster cast around my torso ................ and I couldn’t bend forward very far .... or to the side .................... I went to the loo, back to bed and drifted off to sleep again.................till the morning. The pain around my left hip isn’t there at the moment (a HUGE relief) .............. and the cooling sensation comes and goes. There seems to be a fair bit of ‘activity’ around my back, chest and left shoulder, neck and legs too.................. It feels like there's still ‘plenty’ going on. I must say i did miss the brekky angel this morning, and of course the blessed soup with the tranquiliser in it .......................”

And the Waterfall — through the eyes of a 21-year old

“The first time it’s like making love for the first time – a bit awkward – but after that it just gets better and better” — ah to be 21 again!

Some Other Trip Comments

“Coming back to Abadiânia for the second time has been a very special trip for me. The first week I had a physical operation, which was very powerful and ‘knocked’ me out for about 4 days or so and now I have come out of the fogginess that surrounded me for many years. I have a deep sense of peacefulness and also a ‘spiritual’ awakening. I feel the effects of heavy metal poisoning have finally lifted and I have been cured. I feel very humble coming to this special place and have a great sense of gratitude for Medium Joao and all the volunteers, helpers and Entities. Many great times where had and lots of laughs and sincere friends made. Deep inside I know I will be back. This journey has just begun.” – Colin
“For me every trip to Abadiânia has been very different, after my first trip I was quite clear that although an interesting experience, it wouldn’t be repeated!! However, now on my fifth trip I can reflect on the changes I have made and the joy that I have received in this blessed place, even the emotional pain received as I have let go has been uplifting and healing. It has been wonderful to observe others coming here for the first time and seeing their eyes and hearts open. Another laughter filled time with great food, sun and fellowship. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.” – Jilly

Casa de José (in Wellington NZ)

The energy continues to grow. Sometimes just walking into it, it feels like the whole building is levitating off the ground. Numbers attending remain relatively small while the energy continues to be built. I suspect in the near future more people actively in need of healing will start coming to tap into that healing source of energy. All are welcome here.

The Entity, Jose Penteado, the President of the NZ Casa as St Ignatius is for Brazil, was asked if he had any advice or words for the NZ Casa. He reiterated that he is helping us, indicating that we must be getting it right. We would hear about it otherwise.

Session Times

Natural Health Centre

Casa de José

Next Tour

Tour Dates For 2010

I have not been sure that 2010 was a happening. However it suddenly became apparent to book some dates and set the year in motion. The world is changing very rapidly as I am sure you are all aware.

Those dates are:

Please check our website,, for details of what to expect in Abadiânia. Email or for bookings and prices.

Photos For Next Tour

The deadline for my receiving photos for herbs or surrogate surgery on the next trip is October 23. To have a surrogate surgery you need to have had an ‘X’ on a previous photo and have taken a round of herbs. You must also be prepared to stick with the post surgery protocols. Be sure that you read the protocols before committing to this and that you are prepared to stick to them. See sending photos, taking herbs, and surrogate surgery for details.

Soup Kitchen in Abadiânia

The soup kitchen grows from strength to strength, now serving approximately 1500 meals per day. The donations we give are greatly appreciated as they are still operating from hand to mouth in terms of having funds to buy the food. I have missed a couple of receipts requested. Sorry about that. If you need a receipt for your donation, please email the date and amount of donation to Deb at and she will ensure that you receive it.

The account number is:

    National Bank, Courtenay Place, Wellington
    Account name : The Soup Kitchen
    Account number : 060513 0288935 00
    NB. Please put your name in the reference field.

A new development adjacent to the Soup kitchen is the construction of a building for a free dental care service for locals. Further down the line are plans for an old people’s home. This is currently meeting some political resistance. No doubt that will be overcome when the time is right.

Crystal Beds

The value of having regular crystal beds to maintain the connection with the Entities, and also as a balancing device, cannot be overstated. It is important that you use crystal beds that are operated according to the protocols of the Casa, ie. are not mixed with any other energetic work at the time they are actually being used. All those on our crystal bed list have confirmed that they are abiding by these protocols.


I had the good fortune to see the new DVD soon to be released on the life of St Ignatius de Loyola and his ongoing healing work with Casa de Dom Inácio and working through John of God. It is currently undergoing the inclusion of some additional material. We will keep you posted as to its release and availability.

Crystals, Books and CDs

We still have a few of the following at bargain prices:

There are still some Earth crystals from the Casa de Dom Inácio available. These need to be distributed as widely as possible and returned to Mother Earth as part of her healing. We can supply them in return for a donation to the Casa de José and the cost of postage and packaging.

In addition we currently have the following from the Casa de Dom Inácio:

Please email if you would like to purchase any of the above.


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