John of God New Zealand - Newsletter December 2009

So another year draws to a close. A time of rapidly changing ground for so many of us. The secret and the lesson in it all is to learn to flow with the change rather than resisting it from a place of fear and clinging to the past..... We can’t change the past but we can start afresh from wherever we are every moment of every day.

Another wonderful group, including a warrior princess, an admiral, two ladies , Mrs (and Mr) Tiggy Winkle, Orphelia, a cook, a weather forecaster, and of course a queen.

The theme was one of relationship with its highways and byways. Hearts being touched, old wounds being opened and healed. The scent of potential romance was often in the air. The group provided wonderful opportunities and mirrors for each of us. I am in constant awe of the process, of what reveals itself, and how it does that, on these pilgrimages.

Four hundred years ago Galileo expanded our paradigm of relationship from a world in which the Earth, and more particularly Jerusalem, was the centre of the universe to one in which we inhabited a planet revolving around a sun in a much bigger universe. As humans we were still at the apex of God’s creations. One hundred and fifty years ago the microscope expanded our paradigm even further with the opening up of the unseen world of microbes. Since then we have incorporated all manner of aspects of the unseen world into our day to day lives – electricity, x-ray, microwave etc etc. New methods of observation and listening are rapidly expanding our knowledge of, and the size of, our universe immensely. Just a few short weeks ago the Vatican hosted a high level world conference on what should be our response to contact with intelligent extra terrestrial life forms. The Vatican has already announced that it sees no inconsistencies between the dogma of the Catholic Church and existence of intelligent ETs. The first documentary that explores orbs, “ORBS –Lifting the Veil”, is now available.

Watch this space as we watch as our paradigms of relationships are about to expand again.


At one stage, while sitting in current, I had a vision of what immense resources we have available to us and what we chose to do with them. It went thus:

“Each of us lives in a magnificent residence, filled with light, with well stocked kitchens, libraries, and objects of exquisite beauty and colour. Available to us in the estates surrounding this home are well maintained gardens and orchards, forests and lakes of pristine magnificence. A little further away, but still in close proximity, are the mountains with their pure air, babbling streams and wildlife. In this environment there are also temples and sacred spaces where the wise ones reside, available to us whenever we wish to engage with them. All is available to us at any time we choose.

Bordering the estate are beautiful beaches and a harbour in which there are boats to take us wherever we might wish to go. The estate also boasts an airport with planes always at the ready for us and rockets to ensure the sky is not the limit.”

So this is all we have available to us. And where do we often choose to live most of the time? We choose to inhabit the broom closet under the stairs filled with the cobwebs, spiders and cleaning gear. And it is a choice more to do with mental attitude than physical space.


It was the Entity Saint Francis Xavier’s turn to comment on the Casa de José this time. He said

“The Casa in your country (NZ) is enveloped in the energy of the Divine.”

It says it all. We are so fortunate to have it here in NZ. All are welcome to come and bathe in those energies and to augment them.

Session Times

Natural Health Centre

Casa de José

NB. The Casa de José Trust is a registered charity so donations are tax deductible. If you would like to make a donation, please email for details.


Our donations were again received gratefully. Some of the money was specifically earmarked for new pots for the kitchen and childrens programmes. Special thanks to the regular donors and those who provided one offs. These have a big impact on a lot of lives.

For anyone wishing to donate the bank details are:

    National Bank, Courtenay Place, Wellington
    Account name : The Soup Kitchen
    Account number : 060513 0288935 00
    NB. Please put your name in the reference field.

If you want a receipt, please contact Deb at


A new crystal bed has just returned to Invercargill. With the permission of the Entities it will also spend part of its life in Malaysia. This is a first in both locations.

If you live near a crystal bed that is being used according to the protocols of the Casa, then make the most of it. These are a profound means of plugging into the healing forces provided by the Entities.

Again it must be stressed to all crystal bed operators, that should you mix other forms of energy in utilizing the crystal bed, you both diminish the influence of those special healing forces and its potential value to all who use it. Essentially, if mixing energies, you are converting this amazing facility into merely a chromo therapy machine without the support of the Entities’ energies.

TOURS 2010

Please book these as early as possible. Sadly the time of the cheap airfares seems to have passed, at least in relation to South America. However early bookings provide greater opportunity for discounted fares.

Tours are scheduled for:

Dates subject to variation according to flight availability and other factors. Two week tours are also available.

Please check our website,, for details of what to expect in Abadiânia. Email or for bookings and prices.


We have a new supply of rosaries available from the Casa de Dom Inácio in clear quartz, rose quartz, snow quartz, citrine, amethyst, blue aventurine, and green aventurine. $25 each plus postage and packaging.

There are still some clear quartz earth crystals available for burying, small pieces of sodalite, small amethyst points, and some tumbled hematite.

Email if you are interested.


Best wishes to you all on your journeys in human form and with all the opportunities for growth and awakening available within this form. May 2010 provide you with all you need for your ongoing journey.


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