John of God New Zealand - Newsletter February 2009

Greetings Fellow Pilgrims

. . . and welcome to the roller coaster that is 2009 and beyond. Enjoy it! Change, inherent in all things, has never been so apparent for most of us as it is right now. Just as 2008 ushered in dramatic changes in the world’s economy, so 2009 will usher in changes in different arenas to do with our connections with ourselves, with the hitherto “unseen worlds” and our glorious home – Mother Earth. Appreciate the tremendously transformative power inherent in these changes to the consciousnesses of each and every one of us. Exciting stuff if you remain centred and connected.

Australian Event

As you will all know by now, this had to be postponed for reasons beyond the control of the organizers. We thank them for their huge effort in getting it as far as they did. Something will happen in the South Pacific when the time is right.

Documentary in NZ Film Festival

During 2008 an Austrian documentary team made a documentary on the Casa de Dom Inácio that went on to win major prizes at the Monte Carlo Spiritual Film Festival in December 2008. The NZ Film Festival has purchased rights to this documentary so we will be seeing it in NZ later this year. Its name is “HEALING”. So watch out for it. We will keep you posted.

Earth Crystals

We still have a limited supply of these crystal points that need to be returned to Mother Earth at as many auspicious sites as possible. These are sites that are auspicious to you personally, not necessarily well known or on the tourist trail. We can supply the crystals for the cost of postage and packaging plus a donation to the Casa de José here in NZ. In view of the pending changes to Mother Earth, it is important that we get these distributed. Let the Entities and your intuition direct you as to where and what is appropriate for you in relation to this. Please see Deb or email if you are interested.

Casa de José

We are still awaiting approval for our Charitable Trust status. Apparently the office that handles these things has a backlog of several months. I suspect that, when it is finalized, we might see some development regarding the future location. In the meantime, the Casa is very happily located here in Wellington. It has a wonderful energy to sit in and, for me, to live close to. All are invited to attend our regular sessions, including our monthly healing day which falls on this coming Saturday, 14th February. There will also be one on Easter Saturday which might provide a good opportunity for those outside Wellington to attend.

You may also wish to put photos in the prayer basket for anyone requiring healing. They will be worked on by the Entities in the Casa de José, then later taken to the Casa de Dom Inácio in Brazil for further work.

Session Times

Natural Health Centre

Casa de José

Please wear white or light coloured clothing and aim to arrive 10-15 minutes early so that you can be seated before the start of the session.

Photos to Brazil

The deadline is March 1st for those wishing to send photos to be presented to the Entity during my next trip. If sending photos, you are likely to be prescribed herbs and must be prepared to take them and to follow the protocols attached to that process. See taking herbs for details.

For those in the Wellington area, I can take the photos in my office. I suggest that, where possible, you have the photo session following a crystal bed. If taking the photos youself, please refer to sending photos for details on how to take them.

For those of you who have received Xs on photos in the past, have completed at least one round of herbs, and who are unlikely to get to Brazil in the near future, I am happy to do a surrogate surgery for you. This involves my getting permission from the Entity, then sitting in the surgery room for you. You must stay in bed at this end during that process and follow the post surrogate surgery protocols. See surrogate surgery for details. Please let me know when sending your photos if this is the course of action that you wish to follow. I will need an email address so I can instruct you as to when the surgery will take place. We are fortunate in Australia and NZ that surgery times coincide with our nights. I try to do them coinciding with our Friday nights so that participants have the weekend to recover.

It is also useful to have crystal beds as a lead up to that process. For those who have already had surrogates, it is useful to send another round of photos for “REVISION”.

Sorry about the increase in cost of sending photos. With the falling NZ and Aus $$ this is to ensure that there is a reasonable donation for the soup kitchen in Abadiânia. Anyone who can’t pay the extra please contact me as no one needs to miss out because they genuinely can’t afford it.

Crystal Beds

Again, I urge you all who live in proximity to a crystal bed that is used in accordance to the Casa protocols, to use it regularly as it provides the Entities with a powerful opportunity to work directly on you and through you. See crystal bed list for a list of crystal beds operating in NZ and Australia that meet the criteria. For those of you in the South Island, please note that there is a new crystal bed operating in Christchurch.

Tours in 2009

If interested please get in touch. Despite the drop in NZ$$ we are endeavoring to hold our prices. This is contingent upon being able to buy airfares early at a reasonable price. If interested, don’t procrastinate. Travel is likely to get more difficult. If you wish to join or want more information, contact me at

Tour Dates

Prayer Book

We are starting to collect prayers to be included in a Casa de José prayer book. This will be an extension of the prayer book used at the Casa de Dom Inácio. It is intended that this will eventually be printed and made available to anyone who is interested. If you have any favourite prayers that you would like included, please email to or post to Casa de José, PO Box 11689, Wellington.


We are also in the process of setting up a lending library in the Casa de José. If you have any books about the Casa de Dom Inácio, spiritism, or related topics that you would like to donate please tell Deb or email A big thank you to those who have already contributed.

Soup Kitchen

Many thanks once again to those who are contributing to the soup kitchen in Abadiânia. It is doing a wonderful job feeding the poor of Abadiânia as requested by the Entities and is totally reliant on donations to stay afloat.

If you would like to make a donation, please make a deposit to the following bank account:

    National Bank, Courtenay Place, Wellington
    Account name : The Soup Kitchen
    Account number : 060513 0288935 00
    NB. Please put your name in the reference field.

Please contact me at if you would like a receipt.


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