John of God New Zealand - Newsletter June 2009

Hi Folks

A quickie for updates:

Surrogate Surgeries and Photos to Brazil

A note to remind anyone wishing to send photos or have surrogates that the deadline for my receiving photos is June 19.

To have a surrogate surgery you need to have had an ‘X’ on a previous photo and have taken a round of herbs. You must also be prepared to stick with the post surgery protocols. Be sure you read the protocols before committing to this and that you are prepared to stick to them. See sending photos, taking herbs, and surrogate surgery for details.

Next Casa Day — Saturday June 13

Our anniversary and celebration of the establishment of the Charitable Trust to oversee the unfolding of the Casa was a wonderful day followed by a delightful dinner enjoyed by all who participated. The energy of these days is becoming increasingly more refined and powerful. Anyone can join us. Our only constraint is space which hasn’t been a problem yet. You can come for the whole day and enjoy a shared lunch or for either the morning or afternoon session.

You are also welcome to join us for any of our regular sessions:

Session Times

Natural Health Centre

Casa de José

Please visit the Casa de José website,, for further details.

Tours to the Casa de Dom Inácio, Brazil

I had suspended the July tour in the face of the pending influenza pandemic. However it is on again. The departure date is now 5th July. If anyone wants to join, please contact us immediately. We are getting better international airfares at the moment which is allowing a discount in the overall price. The last tour for the year will be November 15th.

Please check our website,, for information about what to expect in Brazil. Email or for bookings and prices.

Tour Dates

Soup Kitchen/Casa de José Donations

Many thanks to those of you who donate to the soup kitchen in Abadiânia, either on a regular basis or by making one-off payments. The soup kitchen was setup at the Entities’ request to help feed and clothe the poor people in the town. It does a wonderful job supporting the local community and is literally a lifeline for some of the residents. The soup kitchen depends entirely on donations to stay solvent.

Now that the Casa de José is a registered charity, donations to help with the ongoing costs of running the Casa and its future development are tax deductible. If you would like to make a donation to either the soup kitchen in Abadiânia or the Casa de José, please email


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