John of God New Zealand - Update September 2009

Sending Photos to Brazil

The November tour to Brazil has been brought forward, so the deadline for sending photos for herbs or surrogate surgery is now 16th October. To have a surrogate surgery you need to have had an ‘X’ on a previous photo and have taken a round of herbs. You must also be prepared to stick with the post surgery protocols. There are also dietary restrictions that must be adhered to if you are taking herbs. Please be sure that you read the protocols and are prepared to stick to them before sending photos. See sending photos, taking herbs, and surrogate surgery for details.

It is also possible to leave photos in the prayer basket in the Casa de José to be worked on in NZ before being taken to Brazil. Please write the person’s name, date of birth, address, and nature of what is being reqested on the back of the photos. If emailing the photos, please include those details in the email.

Casa de José

We had another powerful meditation day on Saturday September 12th. We particularly welcome and thank those of you that came a long distance to both receive and contribute energy to the healing forces working with us and through us at that time. The next Casa day will be October 10th. We will be joined by 2 guests from the USA. If there is anyone who could either give them lodging for a couple of nights in Wellington or alternatively collect them from their hotel and bring them to the Casa for the day, please contact us.

Everyone is welcome to join us at the Casa de José for any of our sessions. If you are unable to come to Wellington, you can also participate by meditating at the same time with the intention of joining us. Here is Phillipa’s experience of linking to the Casa de José last time:

“This morning, as I have done for some months I joined your meditation with a friend 10am - 11am. I am sure the energy is strengthening. Both my friend and myself felt strong work being performed on our shoulders (my friend used to Sai Baba had not felt this before, I had in Brazil). I could see a tall entity initially opening Wellington with arms out in the cross form, He tended to us and others almost simultaneously.

I am now conscious of being in other places at the same time and the physical state does not exist, this occurring in most times during the day, not only in meditation, my friend also feels this. The last time I joined you there were other entities working also including a dark skinned form who came in late, has anyone else commented on this?

There is a difference in these saturdays and your weekly energies, wellington being harder to link with and extremely high.

Distance work will bring us all together extending the ‘force’ so as the right people present the Napier group will extend. Thanks for the newsletters they again link those not in wellington. If ever up this way, please call and we will share on a personal basis. Keep up this outstanding opportunity of helping,

Namaste, Phillipa”

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