John of God New Zealand - Newsletter April 2010

Hi Fellow Pilgrims on this wondrous journey we call “life in human form”.

Another journey down the rabbit hole is over. A journey to the Casa de Dom Inácio, in which the abundance and beauty of the natural world of form manifested itself at every turn. Quietness and tranquillity in a beautiful garden. Talking trees ever grateful for their daily rain. Birds in abundance – toucans, macaws, woodpeckers, owls, kingfishers, humming birds, the bluebird of happiness, green parrots large and small, assorted doves and pigeons, of course sparrows, and many other varieties whose names I do not know. Butterflies, yellow, white, blue, and multicoloured. Lizards, large and small. Spider webs gift wrapping entire trees. Cats, dogs and the inevitable dog shadow.

This time, the shadow was Formiga, aka Ant, for those who have been there and know her. Named for her size when she was a puppy and now still not much bigger. Skinny when we arrived and sleek and well covered when we left. Our perpetual guard dog and companion making up in bark what she lacks in size.

Easter. Wall to wall people. Many local Brazilians were there for the first time. A lesson in simplicity, wonderment and piety all as smooth as finest of silks. How appropriate for Good Friday.

Floods in Rio. So close yet so far away. The other side of the coin that is life in human form.

The theme for me this time was the term GOD. That term that means so much to so many and so charged with all sorts of overlays and associations for most.

The interesting things is how we project onto that term something very personal that, most probably, says more about us and our past than whatever is the reality behind that term. For many living in the material world some form is necessary whether that be an anthropomorphised old man, or woman, sitting on a cloud or some being whether it be the Godhead, the Atman, Jehovah, Allah, Io or one of the countless other names given to that force. Even expressed as “a force” or by any name puts limits around something that is both limitless and paradoxical, both inside and out, both inclusive of form and formlessness.

How we try to dilute it down to a level of meaning and form that we can understand on some level. And yet it always remains beyond our comprehension. We can never understand it with the limits of the analytic human mind. We can only experience it from some other part of our being that sits comfortably with world beyond form. As soon as we have put it into our memory banks, memory is all we have left. A memory of something too profound and too much within us and outside of us to ever be encapsulated.

The beauty of the Casa despite its obvious form is that it provides opportunity for that direct experience. It does this time and time again while allowing us to slough off the layers and blockages that prevent this experience from occurring. Those same blockages that so often cause ill health.

Thus it is, ironically, ill health, that often initially precipitates this journey for all who are called to venture here. No two journeys are the same. Yet all lead ultimately to the same state of awakening to whom we really are, the nature of our calling to be in human form at this time, and what lies in the bigger picture beyond the veil that we call death.


There you have it. Easter at the Casa de Dom Inácio in Brazil. I really encourage any of you who can to make the journey to do that as soon as you can. We live in a world of immense changes both internal and external. Who knows how long this opportunity will be available to us.


Whenever I attend the Casa in Brazil I am both overwhelmed and grateful that we have the Casa de José in NZ with its smooth and understated current of energy and access to the immense powers of healing available to all who wish to tap into it. I suspect as an acknowledgement to the Casa de José, the Entity had me sit in his chair for a time.

Anyone who wishes to come bathe in the energies of the Casa de José is welcome to join us for our midweek meditation sessions or our monthly day long Saturday sessions. No previous experience in meditation is necessary as this involves just relaxing and riding whatever waves the currents of healing energy throw up for you.

Also anyone who wishes to may put photos with name, date of birth, and address in our prayer basket. If you don’t have a photo the details will suffice. This material will ultimately be taken to Brazil.

Session Times

Natural Health Centre

Level 2, 53 Courtenay Place, Wellington

Casa de José

14 Laura Ave, Brooklyn, Wellington

For more information about the Casa de José, please visit our website:


Two more are scheduled for 2010, leaving JUNE 26 AND NOVEMBER 6.

For details contact me directly at or check out our website for details:


Deadline for the next tour is June 7. Please, for the sake of my sanity, don’t leave getting photos to me until just before I leave as there is some local processing of them I need to undertake. If you are in Wellington or surrounds, I can take these in my office, deadline June 15. Great if you can have a crystal bed at the same time.

Please read the protocols for sending photos and taking herbs before you commit to sending photos to be shown to the Entity.

If you do not wish to take herbs I can transport photos and put them in the prayer basket at Casa de Dom Inácio. If you wish to give a koha /donation for this that will go to the soup kitchen, that would be most appreciated.


Once again thanks to all of you who donate to the public soup kitchen in Abadiania Brazil either regularly or spasmodically. A little goes a long way and is of great benefit to so many.

Anyone wishing to contribute can deposit $$ directly into the bank account:

    National Bank, Courtenay Place, Wellington
    Account name : Peter Waugh
    Account number : 060513 0288935 00
    NB. Please put your name in the reference field.

If you need a receipt for your donation, please email the date and amount of donation to


We have numerous books and DVDs on the Brazilian Casa, its background and the phenomenon in its wider context. Some of these are in English and some in Portuguese. We will be updating the library page on the Casa de José website with new books and DVDs in the near future. You can borrow them for the cost of return postage and packaging plus a koha (donation) for the Casa de José. The koha will be used to build up the library.

See for details of what is available.


We still have rosaries available from the Casa de Dom Inácio in clear quartz, rose quartz, snow quartz, citrine, amethyst, blue aventurine, and green aventurine. $25 each plus postage and packaging. Email if you are interested.


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