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Hi there fellow pilgrims

The roller coaster continues as another year bites the dust and another tour to the Casa de Dom Inácio is complete. A year of great change. Of storms and earthquakes manifesting in both our external and internal worlds, as well as our economic and social structures. Also a year of potentially great openings in both our inner psychic worlds and the external world. A time to learn adaptability, flexibility, and letting go of what has been, as we head into what is yet to come with curiosity and equanimity.

An exciting development was the Entity giving his blessing and permission for me to take a group on a pilgrimage through some of the sites that were significant for some of the Entities who work at the Casa when they were incarnate: Montserrat, Assisi, Jerusalem and maybe Goa. More about that below: see Pilgrimage to Sacred Sites

The theme of the group time was ego, the illusory sense of “I” that we all get so immersed in and that we find just so “fascinating”. For some there was an unmasking of the subtle methods we use to try to inflate ourselves and to keep the illusion in place. It can be cringe material when we see it in all its glory. Recognizing also that in our sense of unworthiness (deflation) lies the illusory “I”, that part of us that feels the sense of unworthiness, is the same “stuff”. The catch is, that even recognizing it doesn’t make the habit of inflation or deflation go away. We need to recognize that what underpins it is the fear of what might remain if we don’t act out of this illusory place. Becoming conscious of it, owning the process, saying “no” to all its manifestations and working consciously with the healing forces that operate through the Entities is a very powerful antidote. Sincerely ask for help with your own patterns and it will be given. As we do this work, we need to exercise compassion and be gentle with ourselves as there are some very powerful patterns to be dissolved here.

November 2010 - photos courtesy of Ghazally


Recently the Casa has received a lot of publicity, featuring on the Oprah Show, in “O” magazine, and in the Australian Women’s Weekly. This comes at a time when the energy at the Casa is very strong with many healings occurring. Perhaps this is yet another indication that now is time for these energies to spread and for the veils between the visible and invisible worlds to open further. See links below.

Oprah Show
O Magazine Article
Australian Women’s Weekly November 2010 issue


However people’s experiences are not confined to only being at the Casa. Below are 2 emails that I received.

The first is from someone who has been to the Casa and really exemplifies how the healing process can continue for a long time after the visit on all sorts of levels. The second is an experience of a surrogate surgery.

The Ongoing Journey

Post Surrogate Surgery Experience


Because of the publicity the Casa has received, there could be some difficulty getting accommodation in 2011. The good news is that I have already arranged it for the following dates.

March 6 - 29
June 26 - July 20 (with possible addon pilgrimage below of about another 3 weeks)
November 6 -29

If interested contact us for details.


I imagine it will be a wonderful and funfillled experience although it could also bring up some “stuff”. It is open to anyone who has been to the Casa de Dom Inácio.

I envisage spending time at each of these sites just “absorbing” rather than doing a lot of sight seeing and playing tourist, or having too rigid an agenda at each site. Those coming will need to be fit enough and flexible enough to go with whatever arises on such a pilgrimage.

This tour will be of limited size and will visit :

Montserrat, Spain: Where St Ignatius, Dom Inácio, surrendered himself to the Black Madonna aka Our Lady of Montserrat. See notes from my visit earlier this year: Postcard from a Pilgrim - Monserrat, Spain

Assisi, Italy: The location in which St Francis built his church and worked on his life’s mission.

Jerusalem: The site of the Temple constructed by King Solomon and the centre of King David’s kingdom. See notes from my visit earlier this year: Postcard from a Pilgrim in Jerusalem

Goa, India (maybe): The last resting place for the human remains of St Francisco Xavier whose mortal remains are still there largely intact after almost 460 years.

.......and transfer points in between.

As the size of the group will be strictly limited, please register expressions of interest with me at asap.


A sideshow at the Casa are orbs. Lots show up there and people have fun photographing them. They are receiving more serious attention these days with a second book by the physicist Heinmann just released and the first serious documentary “Orbs-lifting the veil” doing the rounds. They definitely seem to have, among other things, something to do with healing. In the photo below from the July trip is one located over what was a very sore knee. Coincidence? Curiously it isnít sore anymore.


Again I can’t over-emphasise the value of regular crystal beds as a means of keeping energy with the Entities and as a powerful healing and relaxing experience.


Our Casa sessions are open to anyone who wishes to attend for their own benefit and to contribute energy to the healing of others.

The session times are:

Natural Health Centre

Level 2, 53 Courtenay Place, Wellington

Casa de José

14 Laura Ave, Brooklyn, Wellington

For more information about the Casa de José, please visit our website:


I will be taking photos for anyone who wants herbs when I return to the Casa in March. Please read the protocols for sending photos and taking herbs before commiting. If you don’t want to, or can’t, commit to taking the herbs and following the protocols, you may just send photos to be put in the prayer basket. If you wish to give a donation for the soup kitchen in that case, it would be gratefully appreciated but is in no way obligatory.


We have many books and DVDs about the Casa de Dom Inácio and spiritism, including some new ones in the André Luiz series that have recently been translated into English.

Everyone is welcome to use the library, but please take responsibilty for returning the items promptly. The only cost is postage plus, if you wish, a koha/donation to the Casa de Jose Trust.

See for details of what is available. Email if you are interested.

Wellington library has some Francisco Xavier and Allan Kardec books available and will order more if there is a demand for them. You can also download some of the books in pdf format from


We have a range of blessed crystals and rosaries from the Casa de Dom Inácio available for sale. These are excellent for providing an ongoing connection to the healing energies of the Entities and make wonderful gifts for friends and family.

Blessed crystals from the Casa de Dom Inácio
Small points - clear quartz, amethyst, sodalite, green aventurine, smoky quartz. Tumbled hematite. Note small match box for size comparison. Wooden rosaries. Crystal rosaries - clear quartz, pink quartz, milk quartz, amethyst, citrine, green & blue aventurine.

Email if you are interested.


Many thanks to all who support the Casa de José and attend sessions. Special thanks to Deb for the amazing work she does with the database, the newsletters, and the Casa.

As we hear confirmation from NASA that life forms other than those sharing the same chemical makeup as ourselves do indeed exist here on earth (and in all probability elsewhere in the universe), may 2011 be a connected, growthful, and exciting year for you all.


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