John of God New Zealand - Newsletter July 2010


The good news is that there is plenty of time!

Another trip is over as we head back to different parts of the world, leaving behind the warm clear winters days and nights so cool that we might even need a light blanket to sleep under.

I have had the privilege of sleeping with a pregnant bitch for the duration. Even if she has not learned to make a cup of tea yet, the good news is that she has been dewormed and defleaed so she doesn’t scratch all night anymore.

The trip has been marked for me by the amazing transformation I have seen in a couple of pilgrims since their last visit here. No, not dramatic neon lighted fireworks filled overnight transformations, but rather a gentle letting go of massive amounts of fear and anger that dominated their lives. I can only imagine the qualitative differences they must be experiencing within.

Then there are the usual “miraculous” events. The ‘Admiral’ who had such pain he needed to be on morphine which all disappeared in a flash when the Entity prescribed a crystal bed for him. It was followed by “the best night’s sleep” he had had for years.

There was also a theme of healing relationships running through the group and a letting go where appropriate. The group always provides such support for each member to do what they need to around this.

The level of understanding of what happens here has been deep and deepened. Words cannot always express that or the heart opening that takes place here.

From the outside some people might perceive this place as a little like a visit to Father Christmas which it is not.

The following query to our website and reply may speak to that in some part.

Query from Website

I want to know if John of God can help me in my life as I need to get married and I am looking for mr. right, also I need a job and money to buy a house and pay for my debts. Is it possible?
Thanks for your inquiry
I suggest you go onto the website and read a little about how Medium Joao (aka John of God) and the Entities of Light operate. Firstly they are not Father Christmas here to provide for all your wishes like those of a child at Christmas time. They work assisting you to realize your full potential on a very deep level and to help dissolve those impediments that may be blocking that from occurring. However it is a partnership and you must do your side of it. This means leading a charitable, peaceful and loving life as much as external circumstances permit and working to grow those qualities within you. What you receive in your life now is very dependent on what sort of karmic debts you have accumulated in the past whether in this life time or before. We all have to pay our debts. There are no free lunches anywhere. However these healing energies, however we wish to perceive them, whether within or without, can assist us very much in clearing those debts. Providing that we don’t go on accumulating more debts we are bound to reach a place at some point where our needs are met. It is possible that by the time we get there, our needs might have changed and even diminished or dissolved. One thing you can do immediately is to send photos to the Entity in the process outlined in the attachment and undertake to both take the herbs and follow the protocols outlined. Another is to have regular crystal beds as a means of maintaining connection. Yet another is to meditate and connect with these forces regularly either alone or, if possible, in a group. Better still, live with that connection on a moment by moment basis. I hope this helps you.

Peter Waugh
Orbs — Abadiania June/July 2010


I encourage you all, where possible, to attend group meditations and Casa days with others, both for your own progress and also as a means of streamlining your energies for the healing of others. ALL ARE WELCOME HERE.

These meditations are a very subtle yet very powerful means to that end. It might be boring for you. It might bring up whatever is on top for you in terms of an agitated and unsettled mind. There might even be others there that are providing mirrors for you in terms of “I don't like them”. Recognize them as just mirrors for parts of yourself and, as such, great gifts for exposing those aspects/parts for you to work with. See your life and surroundings as a mirror reflecting back to you whatever you have to work on at this moment.

Session Times

Natural Health Centre

Level 2, 53 Courtenay Place, Wellington

Casa de José

14 Laura Ave, Brooklyn, Wellington

For more information about the Casa de José, please visit our website:


At any time you may send photos or requests to the Prayer Basket at the Casa de José, Welliington. Email to or post to Casa de José Trust, PO Box 11689, Wellington.

These will be worked with during our regular meditation sessions and Casa days there, and then be taken through to Brazil. Remember to include name, date of birth and address of the person in question and date of death in the case of someone who has already transitioned.


We have the last tour for 2010 departing early November. There are still spaces available.

It seems there will be more in 2011: late March, late June and November.

For details, contact me directly at or check out our website:

There is the possibility of an extended tour in July/August to visit some of the sites around the world where different Entities lived or undertook significant works. If interested in this contact me directly.


If you wish to send photos and get herbs on my next tour, the deadline is October 23. Please read the protocols for sending photos and taking herbs before commiting.

If you don’t want to, or can’t, commit to taking the herbs and following the protocols, you may just send photos to be put in the prayer basket. If you wish to give a donation for the soup kitchen in that case, it would be gratefully appreciated but is in no way obligatory.


We now have a functioning library of books and documentaries about the Casa and the phenomenon behind it. Feel free to use, but please take responsibilty for getting material back to the library. The only cost is postage plus, if you wish, a koha/donation to the Casa de Jose Trust.

See for details of what is available.


This documentary on the works of the Casa and aspects of the life of St Ignatius de Loyola is now available on through The purchasing pages of this website are in German but it is still possible to purchase the DVD through it (by translating the necessary keywords). We will also have a copy in our library.

It is well worth the wait! The director tells me his next project is the life of Medium João himself.


We still have a limited number of crystals and rosaries blessed at the Casa de Dom Inácio.

Email if you are interested.


We are again providing blessed water at the Casa de José. This has its foundational blessings from the Casa de Dom Inácio, the NZ events, and the Casa de José.

Please bring a bottle, or if you want it sent please provide cost of postage plus a koha/donation if desired. This blessed water can be used to potentize/inoculate other water in proportions of 1:5. This process can be repeated ad infinitum. Do not chill the water and store in peaceful harmonious surroundings.

For more info on the healing properties of water, Google Marsuru Emoto for his ground breaking work, and watch the documentary ’WATER‘ which covers some very interesting Eastern European research.


Again, special thanks to all of you who donate to the soup kitchen operated through the Casa in Abadiânia. The donations go a long way there in providing both meals to the hungry and food parcels for needy families. In Brazil there are a lot of those. As someone pointed out to me, “it means that some families whose entire budget needed to go on food can now afford to by school materials for their kids”. That’s pretty special, particularly when added to the government’s drive to fund all kids to go to school at least for the early years, and the soup kitchen providing peaceful facilities for after school care and homework.

Anyone wishing to contribute can deposit $$ directly into the bank account:

    National Bank, Courtenay Place, Wellington
    Account name : Peter Waugh
    Account number : 060513 0288935 00
    NB. Please put your name in the reference field.

If you need a receipt for your donation, please email the date and amount of donation to


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