Newsletter – April 2011


Hi there again fellow pilgrims on this wondrous journey we call life in human form.

Well for any of you that were unsure about the process of change taking place at home and abroad, geologically and geopolitically, just look again. Whether directly touched by this or not, it is easy to tighten into fear around this process and contract our energy fields. It doesn’t have to be like that. We can open to the bigger picture of the unfolding process of change of heart opening and embrace it. Yes we live in momentous times, times in which what has been is changing forever. They are also times of heart opening. Witness the collective responses to floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, the move from rule by fear to rule by the people, and all the downstream collateral damage. It’s a move in consciousness, from “what’s in it for me” to “how can I help”, that is taking place on an individual, community and international level. There are, of course, plenty of exceptions, but the trend is obvious and arising from very painful situations in many instances.

Remember the wonderful lines from Joe Cocker “I get by with a little help from my friends” and we have got some pretty impressive “friends” working with us here.

Also remember it might not all be plain sailing as Rudyard Kipling so eloquently expresses in IF:

“If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;”

Our task is to support that process from within with a balanced mind and equanimity. It is to take personal responsibility for what we can offer rather than merely what we can get out of a situation. This is the work promulgated at the Casa de dom Inácio in Brazil and the Casa de José in NZ in action. We contribute our energies for the healing of others and, by way of the law of attraction, it bounces back to us – “as you give so you receive”.

It is so simple many of us miss it. Ultimately it’s not about the action of giving, but rather what is the heartfelt motivation behind it.

I was reminded of this when I happened into the kitchen here as one of the young cooks opened an envelope with a tip in it. She was overjoyed and I suspect it wasn’t a large tip. I asked what she would do with it and she told me it was for her kids. I imagined she would be buying toys or clothes or whatever, but no. This was their school fees now and into the future. A little goes a long way.

Similarly thanks to all of you who contribute on a regular basis or spasmodically to the soup kitchen. It is much appreciated. For those who might wish to contribute, you can deposit money into the following bank account:

    National Bank, Courtenay Place, Wellington
    Account name : Peter Waugh
    Account number : 060513 0288935 00
    NB. Please put your name in the reference field.

If you need a receipt for your donation, please email the date and amount of donation to

Thanks also to the dedicated group that continue to put TLC, time, energy, and resources into the maintenance of the Casa de José in Wellington and to those who come and sit there for the greater good and healing of all beings. All are welcome. Please visit for details.

The entity asked how we have fared with the terramoto (earthquake ) and he assured me they were protecting the Casa, although we need to move the motherstone . So if all else fails we can bed down there.


“I’m sure the “Casa Experience” offers its golden nuggets in different ways to all who visit. For me, my quest was a spiritual one – shedding of layers of illusion! Having courted cancer for a decade, and having tried an encyclopaedia of allopathic and alternative approaches to its cure I had concluded it was a mind thing and I had now to focus on cause. Not the trauma, the lifestyle choices…but the deep deep stuff that has to do with understanding who we really are and why in the world we’d invite pain and suffering into our lives. The Casa is a remarkable place…a place where the veil between the physical and the spiritual is gossamer thin. Host to a remarkable group of beings, both incarnate and discarnate; being here can liberate us from our rigid boxes and opens up possibilities for healing that lie outside our conventional understanding of who we are and what is possible. I can’t thank Peter enough for not only his practical help but also his wisdom in guiding my ship through turbulent, unknown waters – to a place of empowerment and knowingness that leaves me breathless in its scope.”

Penny MacKay
Herbalist, Qigong Therapist

“Thank you, friend/guide/brother, for this journey. I loved it, enjoyed it, gained immensely from it, certainly learned from it. As you know I made the choice to actually meet you in New Zealand even though, as an American citizen, both efficiency and price suggested that a different journey commencing from a different focus might be better. I believe I made the right choices. I regard ALL of it as 100% plus positive and my hope and aspiration is that I will again return and grow and learn and experience more. From the Auckland airport where, for me, this odyssey officially began, I could see that I was in good and experienced hands and among good people who would be easy to like. The details, the pousada, the lodging, the food, the travel....all were positive, comfortable, and full of good memories and good people. As I once remarked to you in fun, I could see that TONS of folk from Brazil and all over liked, enjoyed, and admired you and therefore you should run for Mayor of Abadiania! Certainly your obvious ease with the culture and the language made every day there for me much easier and effective.

While all that I have said is true it doesn't begin to touch upon the deeper journey and experience. As I shared with the group after about a week I had no concrete and totally clear and logical explanation for all that I was seeing and experiencing and hearing. Yet, I had absolutely no doubt that each and every life...including mine...had been clearly touched by the time there. That was my view at day #7, and remains even more my view after several weeks more. I find that words seem ineffective to explain the mass of this but would be happy to add my words here and my encouragement to anyone who feels in any way drawn to this experience, this place, and this healing and spiritual adventure. In a word...WOW!”



I was privileged to be able to assist in the event that has just taken place on a hilltop Kalenberg, overlooking Vienna as it broke into leaf and blossom for a new spring. Over the 4 days 24,000 passed the Entity. With translations into many different languages combined with Austrian precision it was a wonderful experience.


The Entity, Dr Augusto de Almeida, on several occasions took the opportunity both in Brazil and Vienna to tell others about the Casa de José in NZ and reassure that it is under their protection in light of the earth changes taking place in NZ and elsewhere. We are in good hands.

St Francisco Xavier (St Francis Xavier), whose place of work and tomb we will be visiting in Goa India as part of the July pilgrimage, also suggested that we move the position of the mother stone which we will do with a little rearrangement in the near future.

Again we invite any of you to come sit with us for your own healing and also to provide the “battery power” for the healing of others, both incarnate and discarnate. It is a wonderful energy and open to all. See for session times.


We still have a couple of spaces left for this pilgrimage for anyone wishing to join us. For details please visit July 2011 Pligrimage.


June 26 - July 20
Still space left.

October 30 – November 22
The dates of this on may be adjusted to make allowance for Medium João travelling overseas to another event.

Please book as early as you can for my sanity. For details please visit


Again we cannot over emphasise the benefits of regular crystal beds as part of your treatment as an opportunity for the Entities to work directly with you. For a list of crystal bed operators see crystal bed list. We try to ensure that all the crystal beds listed are used according to the protocols of the Casa but cannot guarantee that.


We have a wonderful collection of books and DVDs documentaries on the Casa and on the phenomena surrounding this work, available for borrowing.

The latest addition is the film on the life of Chico Xavier with English subtitles. Chico is the psychographic writer (channel writer) who during his lifetime channelled over 450 books on a variety of subjects ranging from poetry to biological sciences, from history to Andre Luiz’s descriptions of the afterlife. We have most of his books that have already been translated into English.

The library is operated on a donations basis. Please ensure you get the material back to us promptly. See for a list of what is available.


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