Newsletter – December 2011


Hi there fellow travellers

Well here we are at the end of another year, another tour to Brazil. We continue through a period of great change and transformation, internal and external. If you donít believe me look at the world around you and at your own inner world.

What an amazing and growth filled 3 weeks in Abadiania. It‘s hard to know where to start.

The travel theme was airline strikes, delayed flights, mixed up tickets, booking on flights that didn‘t exist, people in wheel chairs and it all worked out in the end. A grand study of “not sweating the small stuff” ... and itís all small stuff. All opportunity to give and to receive, to touch and be touched by some beautiful souls, and that was before we even got to the Casa. Its amazing how far “thank you” and respect for fellow being will take you.

The time at the Casa varied from very busy and momentous to quite sublime, and very gentle during the week Medium João was away. The Casa still operated and it was like the volume on the background noise had been turned quite a few notches. This was a very profound experience and reinforcement that the Entities work on, whether medium João / John of God is present or not. The truth is not noisy. It speaks to us in whispers.

This once again emphasised the importance of sitting in current with others when you can, whether that be the Casa de José in Wellington, the Australian Casas, or wherever and whenever it is possible as an opportunity to receive, to give, and to grow.

The theme of giving and receiving continued throughout the stay. There were tears and laughter, pain and joy all in large doses. The opportunity to notice how we can make simple things complex and also how we can allow complex things to be simple. I suspect that just as knowledge can make simple things complex, wisdom makes complex things simple.

Where and how we receive our receive our lessons is often so out of left field as to be unfathomable. A doctor who accompanied one of our group to a local hospital found that experience to be the highlight of his learning there and an answer to his request to develop his medical intuition and to be able to trust it rather than throwing the whole 9 yards of the medical model at a health issue.

Related themes of personal transformation, sharing, forgiving, and merely loving also showed up.

It is so useful to recognize that transformation is always in our own interest and we should undertake it for that reason. The quest for transformation is a central part of human nature. Fundamentally we want to receive for “our self” alone for fear that there is not enough to go around. “Our self” might include family, friends, loved ones, a new car, a new haircut or whatever we think is part of us. And what is the ultimate transformation? I suspect it is the movement from being focused on self interest to becoming a being of sharing. To recognize that we are all fractals of the same mega hologram and so by sharing we are only ever giving to “our Self” in the greater meaning of that word, to the mega hologram.

The opposite is also true. By not sharing, out of fear or for whatever reason, we are only depriving our Selves ultimately as we contract and cut off the flow of being to our Self.

This also applies to forgiveness. Itís a choice. We can go on holding onto our reaction/contraction to what someone else has done at some other time or we can just let go of the burden we carry in relation to it and open/expand into a place where we can act and share who we really are right here right now with our self and others. Keeping the flow going. In that flow are our moments of joy - right here right now. Such moments relate to a state of being in the present with whatever is. Joy lies outside the tangible objects or “things” that we so often misguidedly think will give us happiness.

It is so simple really.

A rabbi in Roman times was ordered to provide the meaning of life while standing on one foot. He said “Love your neighbour as yourself. The rest is commentary.”

It is important recognize that as we transform different parts of us will take on the transformation more readily while others will tend to remain stuck in old fear patterns of reaction and contraction. Most probably in relation to this the rabbi would have said “have compassion for all your parts”. To this I would add “Be patient with and present to yourself as you would a child”.


All is well with the Casa here in Wellington. Again I recommend to as many of you as possible to try to get here from time to day for our weekly sittings or our monthly day, the second Saturday of each month. There are no bells and whistles just an opportunity to bathe in the healing energy and also to contribute your energy to that of all, both inincarnate and discarnate, supporting the healing of others and our planet. All are welcome here.

THRIVE (The documentary)

For those of you who haven‘t seen it, it provides much food for thought in our changing world. Now you can either buy it, live stream on Google for $US 5. The theme of transformation continues to show through.


Dates are slightly adjusted from past years because of other commitments.

Two and three week options are available. In April I will only be present for 2 weeks. However participants do have the option of staying an extra week.

For details please visit


As well as our extensive collection of books we have the DVDs of NOSSO LAR and CHICO plus a biopic of the life of Bezera de Menezes.

The library is operated on a donations basis. Please ensure you get the material back to us promptly. See for a list of what is available.

I wish you all the every best for the end of 2011 and an exhilarating 2012. Enjoy the process of transformation. Lean into it embrace it and ride it all the way. The best is yet to come.


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