Postcard From Abadiânia – July 2011

Hi fellow travellers

As another stay and process of healing completes itself, the group prepares itself for the ongoing journey through places that were of significance for some of the Entities; in Europe, Jerusalem and India. Anyone who wishes to follow that from July 16 can go to the facebook page - Casa Pilgrims Postcards.

Meanwhile back to the Abadiania stay. The journey here was backdropped with ash clouds requiring an early departure, then a circuitous route via Sydney and Tahiti to avoid ash clouds. We managed to slip in and out of airports with some delays, narrowly missing periods of airport closure and feeling a little of what Moses must have felt if and when the Red Sea opened for him.

Themes this time seemed to revolve around relationship with ourselves, other and the Divine.

With the Divine, God, Zero point field, Allah, Eo, the Tao, the Higher Self (whatever you wish to call that force), it is interesting how we build a mental construct, an anthropomorphized form. We then react to that form rather than having a direct relationship with that source energy. We call it, in the personalized form, The Lord or Our Father or whatever. Then we attribute to it characteristics that, historically, through our conditioning, or our own experience, we apply to those terms.

Take “Our Father” for instance. We can apply a traditional Old Testament view of someone who could be authoritarian wrathful and punitive. A view that was consistent with the roles of fathers in the cultures of those times. We could take the model of our own father, good or bad or indifferent. Or we can take the model of an idealized father who carries the qualities of someone worthy of respect and available for an ongoing wholesome relationship. As human beings existing in the world of form, we will inevitably put an image/form around our notion of “God” / “Father” or whatever term we use. It is important therefore that we examine the characteristics we attribute to that form. Also that we keep in mind that our relationship with the form we have constructed is different from our potential ongoing relationship with the source energy with which we can in fact have an ongoing dynamic relationship directly without the need of trying to pin it down. We can choose the nature of that relationship. For instance available friend, confidant, loving partner, respected wise elder and we can develop a dynamic relationship accordingly. It’s our choice.

The other theme that arose was the impact of the energies we put into ourselves when we direct energy at others. We use the term “pointing the finger”. Interestingly, when we do point a finger at another, there are usually three pointing back at the pointer. Try it. So whatever energy is flowing out to the other, we are receiving back threefold. If it is the unwholesome energy of criticism that we are sending out then that is what we are receiving back. If it is the wholesome energy of heartfelt praise that is also what we receive back. Itís a closed circuit system. We can also do this to ourselves and get the whole 4 fingers worth. If we become conscious of old habit patterns of criticism, when we recognize the consequences to our own wellbeing, we can start the process of changing that. First we might need to “fake it until we make it” by stopping the unwholesome verbal process whenever we are conscious of it. Thereby a change process in mental habits will surely follow. Ditto with wholesome energy outputs. We have a choice here and our wellbeing depends on it.


The Entity’s first inquiry was about the repositioning of the mother crystal or, as he calls it, “Jose’s stone”. He is well pleased with the move. The time is coming when a lot more obvious healing will be occurring through association with the Casa de José. As such, we recommend to you all to sit there to both give and receive energy as often as you can without making it a should. Also to invite others who might wish to participate in that healing to come along. It’s not always an easy process sitting in the Casas, either in Brazil or NZ. It’s a process that is unembellished with bells and whistles. It’s a process where, as far as is possible, each participants connection with the healing energies operating there is direct and amplified by Jose’s Stone / Mother Crystal rather than through some system of intermediaries. All are welcome.

See for session times.


Many thanks for all donations to the soup kitchen here. They are greatly appreciated. Recently 1,200 blankets were distributed.

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Our final 2011 tour to Casa de Dom Inácio in Brazil commences in the last weekend in October. There are still places available for anyone who wishes to participate.


We have a wonderful collection of books and DVDs, including documentaries about the Casa de Dom Inácio and books about the phenomena surrounding this work.

The library is operated on a donation basis. Please ensure you get the material back to us promptly. See for a list of what is available.


If anyone wishes to make donations to the Casa de José, they would be greatly appreciated. Since the Casa de José is charitable trust such donations are tax deductible.

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