So here we are “home again home again jogged jog”.

What was this 21st Century pilgrimage through a diversity of continents, cultures and expressions of spirituality all about?

For any who want to look at the vast array of photos and comments go to the dedicated facebook page Casa Pilgrims’ Postcards. It requires you to join facebook, a simple process, just Google it to set up your own page then just apply for access to the page. A representative sample can be viewed here: Images from the Pilgrimage - August 2011

Our final night in Mumbai, we sat and discussed the differences and similarities of the places we had experienced.

One commonality was that everywhere we went orbs showed up in our photographs even in Mumbai, some discreet, some very “in your face”. Another was the deep spirituality we found everywhere some tied in existing dogma of a myriad of religions. Some free floating without being tied down to any particular party line. The conclusion? Spirituality exists everywhere no matter what the circumstances. Every step we take is a pilgrimage, a step on our personal sacred journey through life.

We travelled through the dry parched climate of Jerusalem, the verdant green monsoon of Goa, the pristine almost film set like ancient archecture of Assisi and Montserrat, the many layers of Jerusalem, the sublime beauty of Gaudi’s Barcelona and the ancient pomposity of Rome where every man and his dog had to build a temple or church slightly better than what was there before.

We connected with beautiful people of all colours, creeds and backgrounds. We were confronted by the odd scallywag who was intent in separating us from our money or was downright rude. They were very much the exception.

We stayed in very humble convents and beautiful hotels overlooking the beach. We experienced the old and the new. The full of character and the characterless.

Food was a constant source of exploration and delight, gourmet Spanish and Italian, Middle Eastern and the full spectrum of Indian cuisines. As the chorus to our food odyssey these wonderful food experiences were interspersed with the ever present airline meals.

The journey itself was also one of images, of thumbnail sketches as showed up in the personal perspectives manifesting in the individual photos taken. See attached for a small selection of those and the Facebook page for many more.

And to the reason for journey. Maybe one day we will appreciate it fully. Maybe not. It was the connecting of dots between places of great energy relating to some of the beings who still work through and with the Casa de Dom Inácio In Brazil. This group of healers at the most profound of levels who had human existences and whose energies still linger at those place. It was to pay homage to their humanness and to the qualities and characteristics that they embodied and still emanate. It was to act as acupuncture needles along an earth meridian for quite what purpose we do not understand. For each it was a personal journey as well the collective one. It was for each of us an opportunity to work through our own “stuff” and a great deal of resolution took place merely as a result of the experience. I suspect that that process will continue to reverberate for each of us for a long time to come.

Will this journey happen again? Who knows? Some people have already expressed interest. So maybe it will repeat.


“Chaotic, colourful, challenging and changing. A big journey all round. Unforgettable. I felt the most common theme for me was the warmth and kindness of all the people we met, in every country we visited. All colours, creeds and religions melded into one. We are all the same. People.”

“We visited so many different cultures and could easily have focussed negatively on their differences. Instead I feel we celebrated and revelled in it.”

“Lessons in choice – it’s my choice whether to feel the positive or the negative and where to put my focus. While I now understand this at a deeper level the real work for me lies in trying to put this into action back home.”


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