Postcard From Jerusalem – July 2011

What to say? A time travellerís feast. Slipping between centuries, civilizations, cultures and belief systems like slicing through soft butter.

The colour, the faces, the clothing of the different cultures, religions and sects. A wondrous cosmopolitan melting pot of peace, mutual respect and spiritual energy amidst such turmoil so close by.

So hot and dry then retreating to the green tranquillity of the conventís garden or some other garden close by.

The pain of the Jews and the Muslims. The sense of victimhood and righteous indignation with victims acting as perpetrators and perpetrators acting as victims and the sublime thusness and perfection of it all.

Great spiritual movements have seen their zenith in the energy of this place and it is here that they will resolve their differences or dissolve back into a spirituality without dogma. The spiritual zing is still here in many nooks and crannies both ancient and modern, and, in the beingness of many who travel here and live here.

Others’ Comments


Loved the 1000 year old olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane. I could feel the presence of some of those countless generations who had walked the streets of old Jerusalem before me. I gained some understanding of the lives of those who live here now.

A most wonderful kaleidoscope. A myriad of colours, smells and sounds. Layers upon layers of richly textured history, culture and religion. Loved the madness.

Hot dry and barren.

A shoppers’ paradise, apart from the sleazy men who have little respect for western women, fully covered women enduring polyester in the heat.

The energy here is intense and it is plain why it is called the Holy Land - the day to day reality of different traditions co-existing is uplifting.


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