Greetings fellow pilgrims

So here we are again at this curious location on planet earth. Casa de Dom Inácio, Abadiânia, Brazil. This place of potential healing and awakening as we traverse through this time of great change and transformation both internally and in the world around us. Here, interestingly enough, the energy is as smooth as silk. The eye of the storm maybe.

And what a stellar cast of journeyers this time round. What laughter! What tears!

So much of our journey concerned how we relate to the unfolding change in our worlds. Do we get sucked under the agitated waves of anxiety and focus it onto things in the world around or within us? Or do we see it all as just waves, the ebb and flow, arising to pass away?

We can either brace against it, and, as with a big wave in the sea, get buffeted by it, or we can embrace that wave and surf with it, taking in the exhilarating opportunities of awakening and deeper connection with ourselves, each other and the Divine, arising from it. The choice is ours.

At this time, as always, there is no way we can make mistakes. What we might see as mistakes are merely opportunities for lessons to awaken us to the true nature of reality and who we are. Sometimes we may need to repeat a lesson more than once until we get it.

It is a time that our true nature as spiritual beings having a human experience, rather than vice versa, can really manifest. It is a time when we can experience great separation from all around us or great connection with ourselves as the holographic manifestation of the mega holograph: the Godhead, the Divine, the Zero Point Field or whatever we wish to call it.

This process is eloquently expressed in a beautiful little book written in Portuguese and about to be released in English by Paulo Coehlo “THE MANUSCRIPTS REDISCOVERED IN ACCRA”. It is based on manuscripts written in Hebrew, Arabic and Greek, dating back to eve of the first Crusader invasion of Jerusalem. The manuscripts, rediscovered last century, relate to discourses given by an itinerant Greek to the population of Muslims, Jews and Christians living peacefully together there at that time. They address what is important in the face of such all consuming, pending transformations that those people were about to experience.

Our situation is similar, albeit in a very different external packaging. It is such a great opportunity for each of us to open our hearts and our inner vision/intuition to what is important right here, right now.


We have all been asked to set aside 15 minutes at 9pm (your local time) on Thursday nights for some quiet meditation for the health of Medium João. If you can do it with others, great. If you are alone then that will also serve well.


The energy just seems to be getting stronger and stronger. I hear time and again people who think participants need to have been to Brazil. This is not the case. Anyone can join us to bathe in this sublime energy for their own healing and awakening, and to support the healing of others. No special preparation is necessary, just a preparedness to receive and contribute to the energies operating there and whatever it brings up in you.

The session times are:

Natural Health Centre

Level 2, 53 Courtenay Place, Wellington

Casa de José

14 Laura Ave, Brooklyn, Wellington

For more information about the Casa de José, please visit our website:


We have been asked to encourage more people to drink the blessed water originating from the Casa De Dom Inácio and the New Zealand events. This is available at the Casa de José for free or for a koha/donation to the Casa de José.

HOW TO USE:- Quantities can be expanded by mixing it one part to approx 5 parts normal water and allowing to stand for a few hours. This process of increasing quantity can be repeated ad infinitum. Do not chill it. Consciously drink at least a small quantity every day from a glass as a sacrament while focusing in on your connection with the benign forces of the Universe, however you perceive them. Use it as a time to request whatever is needed either by you or others. Share it with others.

NEEDED:- We need a supply of small (350-500ml) clean bottles to distribute the water. Any contributions or suggestions would be appreciated.

TOURS 2012 /13

I had cancelled my November 2012 tour as I did not regard it as a good time to travel. However it is on again for anyone who wishes to join.


As flights from NZ have been cut back please help by letting us know early. From Australia and other parts of the world it is not an issue.

Please refer to Tour Information for detailed information about the tours.


I have returned with some more books of the experiences of Andre Luiz dictated through Chico Xavier and now translated into English. This is a wonderful series for anyone interested in this particular take on the afterlife. We also have a comprehensive selection of books and DVDs on the life’s work of Medium João and the Entities, the workings of the Casa de Dom Inácio and the foundations of spiritism from the writings of Alan Kardec. All are available to borrow for a donation to the Casa de José.

See for a list of what is is available. Email if you are interested in borrowing anything.


We have some books about the Casa de Dom Inácio, and some blessed crystals and rosaries available for purchase. Please email for details on what is available and prices etc.


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