Greetings fellow pilgrims on this remarkable journey through life.

Another pilgrimage over and a another group wondering just how they will explain their experiences to loved ones and others on their return to mainstream life.

While folks at home were experiencing drought we had rain almost every day. Warm wet rain that produced an abundance of dripping green of every hue and butterflies.

The entity told me early in our stay that I would be very pleased with the results of the tour. I was not disappointed.


The group definitely had to take the prize for the most laughter. Between being confined to quarters because of surgeries, anytime lost it was just a matter of listening where the laughter was coming from. If laughter is the best medicine then this group and those attracted to it for its laughter should be just fine. They also explored very deep themes within themselves, most notably family reconciliations and forgiveness. They experienced deep levels of recognition that when we fail to forgive it is us who continues to carry the burden. Cost benefit analysis – do we still want to carry that? Do we have sufficient self worth to just let it go with a little help from our “friends”? The result was definitely that people left there with a lot less baggage and, for some, after retail therapy, more luggage. Thank you Entities and Medium João for your amazing contributions to this process.

The other theme that flowed through was tapping into a much bigger picture of life, reality, the universe and our place in it. Each group member could bring their own experience and sense of opening to this. For you at home the following clips might stimulate your own juices.

Edgar Mitchell interview - Questions of who we are and where we fit into the universe.

Dr Steven Greer update - Evidence of an expanded repertoire of life forms as will be revealed in the Sirius documentary due for release 22 April. For further information


AMIR’S STORY. One group member was Amir from Australia of Iranian origin He arrived in Australia, under very trying circumstances, as a boat person. He came to Abadiânia at the behest of his wife, hopefully to do work for a tetraplegic brother hospitalized in Holland. The causes of his brother’s condition are unknown. Amir imagined himself coming to a resort where he would go shopping, have massages and sit in coffee shops while his wife did the meditating. Didn’t quite work out like that. He spent his first week in bed going through quite a remarkable and sometimes painful transformation. He described it afterwards as learning how to feel and see beauty in the world around him for the first time and to trust. During this period he got the strong message that his father, who had had heart problems some years ago, but was fine now, needed to go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY and his sister was the only one who could talk the father into doing this. He called the sister. The father duly obliged. On examination in the hospital his father was informed that his condition was so acute that he needed to stay in hospital until surgery was performed on blocked heart arteries.


If u have thought about coming here. STOP IT!

Just book your damn ticket for the time of your life!

What are you waiting for? The sky to fall on your head? Don't worry, that will happen here.. then you go to bed and sleep like the rest of us!

You don't have to be a tree hugging hippie to come here. But you might feel like one when you leave!

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, choose this journey as your first resort.... Not your last.

This is a time of magic, miracles, faith & hope. You can experience them all here in many forms. I am.

But a word of warning... You may burst your invisible stitches from spontaneous joy and laughter. There's no cure for that in this place. In fact it's the cause.

Great food, tranquil surroundings, like minded people, Fruttis juice bar! The mad Irish nun ... Oh and some medium guy thousands of people from all over the world come to see perform stuff that will blow your mind!!

So hurry up and just get here!

Now is the time. Now is the time. Now is the only time.


“So when do I get healed?” I asked. “Your heeled as”, Said Peter as he was pointing at my heels.

My experience in Abadiana has taught me one major thing. The process of healing doesn’t necessarily need to be enveloped in pain and tears. On the contrary. I felt open to healing my deepest of wounds through the laughter I shared with my Australian and New Zealand brothers and sisters, who will without doubt remain friends for lifetimes. Thanks Peter for the guidance throughout. May you be blessed for your hard work/love towards the greatest good of this planet.


Wow!!! What an awesomely awesome bunch of bro’s to have shared this sacred experience with. I hadn’t expected being beached in the middle of Brazil, and that being enveloped in the beautiful loving energies of the Casa could be so fun!!! Thank you Kiwi’s for sharing your love, wisdom and shining light with us. Your the BIST!!! Peter, thank you for allowing us to be ourselves and guiding us so gently and sensitively on this heart opening journey. XxX


Was not sure what to expect.........what I received was beyond all expectations....... wonderful.......will be returning


This experience is hard to describe. It was a bit like being hit by a steamroller while receiving a big warm hug. I highly recommend it. Plenty of laughs, good food and Peter is a lovely guide.


3 weeks in Abadiania, 3 times spiritual surgery, so much time in bed or the hammock. At first I felt I was missing out wanting to be at the Casa but then I came to enjoy passing each day in silence connecting with the Entities and praying for healing. Some days painful, some days filled with Gratitude and Love. I’m happy in my cocoon knowing the Entities are taking care of me and their time. I will be healed emerging as a butterfly soaring high full of life and blessed having experienced such a special time in this very special place.


Many thanks for your donations. Whether going to the soup kitchen or a specific project such as that outlined below, they are most appreciated. A little goes a long way. If you wish to make a one off donation or make a regular contribution, the Bank account details are:

    National Bank, Courtenay Place, Wellington
    Account name : Peter Waugh
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Our donations and the surplus from the photos taken to the Casa, was, this time, directed to the urgent need of constructing a new sitting area and sunshade at the waterfall for the benefit of all who wait there to experience its cleansing and healing waters. Although a simple thing, I imagine it will make the waiting a lot more comfortable and thus enhance the experience of being there even further.


REMINDER: We are asked where possible to set aside 15 minutes Thursday nights 9pm, our local time to do a meditation sending thoughts and energy of loving kindness and well being for Medium João. Very simply sit quietly, connect with/summon the Divine, the healing energies, the Entities, the Light Workers or whatever you wish to call those forces and channel that energy through to Medium João.

Some people have reported quite remarkable experiences from doing this meditation.

Incidentally Medium João appears to be in good shape at present.


While there, we saw the Oprah documentary on her experience at the Casa which had shown on US television the week before. It was very sympathetic and pitched at a public who knew nothing of this place. As such it missed the depth that possibly can only be experienced by attending the Casa personally.

TOURS FOR 2013/2014

As I will be living in old Jerusalem for 3 months July to September, the last tour for 2013 will be in early November.

2014 will revert to tours in March, late June and November.

Please refer to Tour Information for detailed information about the tours.

Please sign up as early as possible. You can contact me on


All are welcome at our regular meditation and healing sessions. The energy continues to strengthen in a sublime manner that I cannot put my finger on.

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We are accumulating quite an extensive collections of books and DVDs about the phenomenon that is the Casa de Dom Inácio and the origins of this work through the writings of Allan Kardec and also works channelled through Chico Xavier.

These are available to borrow for a koha to the Casa de José plus postage. Please ensure that any items borrowed are returned.

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