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    ...... on this wondrous journey in human form on this little speck of dust on the outer reaches of the Milky Way in this magnificent Universe amongst the plethora of multiverses. So here we are completing another pilgrimage to Abadiania Brazil and another year within the world of human endeavour.


    We live in a human culture where there is such a push to “do” well rather than to “be” well. What does “being well” constitute? Being well constitutes our being present and actually showing up on our journey of awakening into the totality of who we really are. And what does awakening really mean? It is the awakening, the opening of our hearts, to the greater good and unconditional love for all. That is the Divine, (however we perceive it), our fellow beings and, of course, ourselves. Another way of seeing it is the absence of the closed heartedness that accompanies fear and anxiety in all their forms. Notice in our society how many people who “do well” also have high levels of anxiety or succumb to the effects of stress. This may be sublimated into anger which is generally seen as so much more acceptable in our culture. So strange is it not?

    And what does it take to grow in our awakening?

    1. TRUST in the process of our unfolding/awakening whatever it has to offer us. Surrender our sense of the egoic “I” (I, me, my) to the process and, in that way, become a collaborator in that process rather than a bystander or victim of it. Somewhere along the line we need to recognize even our own sense of worthlessness or shame is just another manifestation of the illusory sense of “I” that we need to surrender. At the end of the day who cares what we are worth? It is just another reactive self-perception like vanity or pride that hides the truth from us. At this point we can graduate from our “somebody” training to our “nobody“ training which is so much more joyful and peaceful and so much less stressful. Essentially it means that we can take ourselves and our human condition far less seriously. It is also a place from which we can really be of service to others without the hook that we need something out of it.

    2. PATIENCE to let it happen according to its own timing. That does not mean doing nothing but rather appreciating that if in our past we have sown brambles seeds we are likely to harvest brambles and if we have sown sweet peaches we will harvest the sweetness of peaches. As we sow so we reap. Sometimes if we look at this merely in terms of a day, this week, or this lifetime, it can look incomprehensible. If we care to make space for the sides of that picture to be rolled out further, we might glimpse what from our past we are working through and making amends for or reaping the rewards for. It is worth remembering there are no free lunches on this journey. Although we may have unpalatable things from our past to work through, we can ensure that we are not sowing any more brambles to harvest in the future. We have the choice. It is merely a case of cost benefit analysis and taking responsibility/being able to respond for/to the outcomes whatever they may be.

    We can make our doing our being. The following exchange between Socrates and wife after his sentence of death exemplifies this.

    The anguished despair of Socrates wife when he was sentenced to drink poisonous hemlock:

    “Socrates! Socrates! The judges have unfairly sentenced you to death”

    “So what?” he replied with resignation, “They have also been sentenced by nature”

    “But the sentence is unjust” she sobbed

    “And would you want it to be just?” he replied


    Another wonderful journey:

    “With strong family resistance, I commenced my journey with 90% reservation and under 10% anticipation. On my first surgery was only concerned with my physical wellbeing and requested some relief on a physical level. During the following few day I definitely received some relief on this physical level. However I was very fortunate to be in a wonderfully supportive group and came to realize that my spiritual wellbeing was paramount. On my second surgery I requested that I receive a 'spiritual awakening'. This I am sure is now a ‘work in progress'. My greatest wish now is that this journey continues when I get home." - J 81 years old
    "I did not know what to expect when I came to the Casa. While I asked for physical healing, I got more healing on the heart level in releasing the sadness, rage and hurts from my being betrayed in the past. When I released the tears, that understanding and forgiveness followed in order for me to finally let the past go. Then I had to learn to receive love for the healing to begin." – L
    "On my second trip to Abadiania, I was aware that it was going to be different. How different!. No bells and whistles. Just a contented peace, a knowing that deep work was happening with precious insights thrown in…. a place to be. Fellow travellers and Peter all a bonus" – G
    "'Let it be', Peter said when I wanted to learn more of what was going to happen on the trip. So I did exactly that, its been a real adventure, a magical three weeks. I came to Abadiania to get healing on an emotional level, to access my spiritual awareness and to find my purpose and passions in life. The moment I stepped out of the taxi onto the red soil, I felt a deep connection. Going to the Casa had a profound effect on me. Due to the high energy there, I felt a sense of motion sickness and light headed but with blessed water and a good nights sleep I came right. Trust and believe were two words domineering my thoughts, so I just went with the flow and didn’t have any expectations for the next two weeks or so. Those involved in and around the Casa are extremely dedicated, special people, devoted to medium Joao, and the pousada luz divina where we stayed is 'healing at home'. Being here with Peter and my dear soul sister Cheryl and my three new amazing friends has been awesome. We’ve had lots of fun and much laughter. Beware of the agapanthus, take time to see the sunsets and orbs. I feel love and joy in my heart….I am so blessed."


    These txts were forwarded to me this morning from an Irish guide, Cathrina, that shows the power of the healing at the Casa:

    “Ryan is a 15 year old young man from Ireland who was told his treatment for leukaemia wasn’t working and they could offer him no alternative. I was told just before my travels to the Casa.I had no photo only his first name, age and the area where he lived and that he was losing the battle against leukaemia. I put this info into the prayer triangle and received the following txt 3 days later from the woman who asked for the prayers. Crumlin is the name of the hospital in Ireland”
    “Hi Cathrina. I just wanted to say that Ryan was back in Crumlin and all the tests have returned clear. They have said its a miracle! They are taking out the central line as he doesn't need any more treatment. They are all in shock! Thanks for your prayers”


    All are welcome to our weekly and monthly meditation/healing sessions:

    New Natural Health Centre

    Level 2, 57-59 Courtenay Place, Wellington

    Casa de José

    14 Laura Ave, Brooklyn, Wellington

    For more information about the Casa de José, please visit our website: www.casadejose.org.nz.

    There is a blessing basket where anyone may leave/send photos with details or letters to be worked with. These are ultimately taken to Brazil.

    Blessed water is also available. Take a small amount regularly and sip with pure intention and gratitude. The blessed water can be extended indefinitely - mix 1 part blessed water with 5 parts spring or filtered water and allow to stand for a few hours before using.


    A selection of books and DVDs on the phenomenon that surrounds John of God and background reading on the historical origins of this. These are available to borrow for a koha to the Casa de José plus postage. Please ensure that any items borrowed are returned.

    See www.casadejose.org.nz for a list of what is available. Email info@casadejose.org.nz if you are interested in borrowing anything.

    TOURS FOR 2014

    Guided tours will again be taking place:

    * concides with part of football World Cup in Brazil so be in early as fares may become more expensive

    Please refer to Tour Information for detailed information about the tours.


    I have had some people expressing interest in undertaking this pilgrimage that a small group of us took in 2011. It was a wondrous journey that took us, after a visit to the Casa to Monserrat, Assisi, Jerusalem and Goa with stopovers in Barcelona and Rome. The object is to touch base and feel the energies of these abodes rather than merely doing a history tour. There is plenty of space for each person to do and be what is appropriate for them. The journey post Casa is about 3 weeks and so a level of mobility, health and wellbeing is necessary for anyone undertaking it. It will likely take place from and mid July 2015 after 2 weeks at the Casa from late June. Numbers will be strictly limited. If interested, please contact me directly p.waugh@xtra.co.nz or info@johnofgod.co.nz.

    In the meantime best wishes to you all on your journeys where they are taking you and whatever you are working through. Just remember, whatever is happening in your life, being joyful is much easier and much more pleasant than being miserable.


    Tour Website: www.johnofgod.co.nz
    Tour Enquiries: p.waugh@xtra.co.nz
    Other Enquiries: info@johnofgod.co.nz
    Casa de José: www.casadejose.org.nz

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