Having just experienced my most sublime day in current ever where the energy of loving kindness was actually palpable for me, I emerged to talk with someone whose experience of the whole place, and most people in it, was seen through glasses with a particularly heavy tint of negativity, blame and critical judgement.

It set me to pondering upon how much our life experience is a reflection of the tint on the spectacles through which we view the world and how circumstances will so often set up experiences for us that will allow us to reinforce our world view and give some underlying belief system within us the opportunity to say “I am right I told you so”.

Yet, should we choose to take responsibility to work on changing the tint of our spectacles, our experience and ultimately our world view and relationship with the world could be entirely different.

This is particularly relevant in the arena of the blame/shame game where events /experiences that don’t fit into our often narrow paradigm of how it “should” be are subject to blame (the fault of someone /something else) or shame (my fault). Having judged, and so often feeling victimized by, the situation we need look no deeper to confirm our “I told you so / The world is out to get me/ It's so unfair/ Poor me!/ Let me rescue myself by doing something (often destructive like eating sugar or drinking alcohol) to numb this out”.

Yet we can change the tint of these spectacles merely by becoming aware of it and starting the habit of just saying “No” to the old view when it emerges and leaving space for another view/ another tint, to arise. It is one thing to call on a higher power to help but we must also be prepared to be actively engaged in altering the programme/removing the spectacles. This doesn’t necessarily happen overnight as we often have a life time of entrenched thought patterns to change. It requires an ongoing vigilance of those old patterns, a preparedness to change. It also requires help from those higher forces, however we perceive them, to dissolve the stuckness and attachment to those old patterns and the fear of what change may bring.

Cost/benefit analysis? It is actually much more pleasant to view the world through spectacles that see the good in others than those whose tint usually reflect only blame and shame. The choice is ours on a moment by moment basis.

As is the case for the Divine, every being in our lives, friend and enemy alike, is worthy of our love and respect even when we find their words, actions and behaviour abhorrent. That includes ourselves. Essentially this is the message of Jesus Christ.


I have just completed my longest absence from the Casa for many years being away for eight months since November 2013. Much is changing while the essential awesome energies remain the same.

Medium João seems in good health. Now he lives in Abadiânia it is not unusual to see him at the Casa even on non Casa days directing projects and talking with people.

On a physical level, new buildings have been completed for the soup kitchen, crystal light beds and administration. Also a new snack bar has been built but not yet opened next to the book shop. That building in particular has the same lightness of energy that can be experienced in the public soup kitchen built under the direction of the Entities in the town of Abadiânia.

There is new seating and lots more of it plus a wooden pergola to shelter pilgrims from the sun at the waiting area for the water fall. The cement benches flow around and up the bank with a beautiful symmetry and integration into the landscape. This has resolved a lot of the fractious energy I am sure some of you have experienced in waiting there in the hot sun when lines are long. It is now just such a pleasant place to sit and wait perchance to meditate and receive the blessings the waterfall and the area has to offer.

Regarding the operation of the Casa itself, the whole system of lines has become a lot more orderly and therefore a lot less stressful. There are many new friendly faces amongst the volunteers operating the lines and the rooms. Overall there feels to be a whole new level of gentleness, care and flow. As one volunteer commented to me, “It’s much easier to get people to do what you want if you ask them with a smile”. That says it all.


Every Thursday at 9pm local time wherever you are there is a special 10 minute meditation for the health and wellbeing of Medium João (aka John of God). At the moment he is in good health, and hopefully with our prayers and energy, he will remain that way for many years continuing his wonderful mission of being a channel for the healing of so many beings.

4 AUSTRALIAN VISIT OF JOÂO DE DEUS - Sydney November 20-22 2014

This is the first time the Entities have been to the South Pacific since the two New Zealand events in 2006 and 2007. It is highly recommended that you attend if you can make it.

Spread the word amongst others who may be interested.

Note that I am not organizing this one so for details go to

5 TOURS TO BRAZIL (and Europe/Jerusalem/Goa 2015)

*March 7 - 30. As this one follows the Australian event and as I only take a limited number of people, let me know asap if you are interested in joining this tour. I already have confirmed bookings for this one. No one’s place can be confirmed until the deposit is paid and the tickets booked.

*June27 – July 19. This tour includes the option of joining a small group for a pilgrimage through some of the terrestrial sites important to various Entities that work at the Casa during their incarnations on earth ie Montserrat Spain (St Ignatius and Jose Penteado), Assisi Italy (St Francis of Assisi), Jerusalem (King David, King Solomon, Mary, Jesus) Goa (St Francis Xavier) hopefully with time also in Barcelona and Rome.

It follows in the footsteps of a similar pilgrimage in 2011. The participants must have already been to the Casa, be moderately fit and mobile as we cover a lot of territory, and be capable of flexibility and travelling light. It is a small group and already almost full. Should you are interested in joining it, contact me directly asap as it will be on a first come first served basis.

*October 31 – November 23


We have undertaken some sprucing up of the Casa de Jose considering that it started as a very temporary venue in 2008. The energy there is delightful. Please join us and the Entities of Light at any of our sessions there for your own healing and to facilitate the healing of others. All are welcome.

New Natural Health Centre

154 Victoria Street, Wellington

Casa de José

14 Laura Ave, Brooklyn, Wellington

We are also revamping our website and lending library to make it easier to access and to borrow books.


We have a new supply of earth crystals and quartz crystals from the Casa for anyone wishing to own, give back to Mother earth or buy as very special gifts. All profits from these go to the Casa de José in Wellington.


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