Greeting fellow pilgrims from a very green and damp Casa de Dom Inácio, Abadiânia. The wet season has arrived late this year but it has arrived none the less, providing a greenness that has to be experienced to be believed. It provides an ideal opportunity to go within as outside umbrellas are consistently, at some point, the order of the day. It means lots of butterflies, birdlife, including toucans and macaws, and tiny monkeys at the waterfall.

The Casa itself is running as smooth as silk despite building projects. The new soup kitchen is not only beautiful but works a treat. The theme of this group was about opening the heart and releasing old pain and hurt. So often people who are really close to us have the capacity to trigger places of deep pain in us that lead to us automatically closing our hearts. Some of us can feel this process quite dramatically like “the shutters coming down”. It’s important to recognize that this is just an autonomic body reflex that we learned at some very young age, or even maybe before that, to protect ourselves from pain when we had very few other strategies. Brilliant then but long outworn its usefulness, it is now a reflex that really impedes our ability to stay open to connection with ourselves, others and ultimately the Divine however we perceive it.

It leads us to putting all sorts of conditions, conscious or unconscious, on others in order to try to prevent them from triggering these responses within us as they are not pleasant places to be. We can try to blame or censor their words, thoughts, actions down to the minutest detail to avoid triggering it OR we can start recognize the pattern within ourselves and work to bring it into consciousness, actively feeling what those unpleasant sensations we are experiencing are like inside. In this way, we can dissolve those feelings and start moving beyond the conditional nature of so many of our relationships. Just letting the other person be, as they are, in word, thought or deed. This doesn’t mean not setting boundaries but those boundaries derive from a different place, an open hearted place. An unconditional or less conditional place. Rather than “don’t do that because I don’t like it”, it can come from a place of compassion i.e. “don’t do that because it isn’t useful for either of us”. It’s a matter of being open to feeling the unpleasant sensations within and working through them rather than primarily trying to manipulate another being to stop whatever they are doing that triggers our internal reactions.

Sitting at the Casa whether in Brazil or NZ has the potential to allow us to tap into energies that can facilitate the clearing of those deep internal reactions, wherever and whatever the source. One of the group described it as a process of “degaussing” This is a term that applies to the total scouring of all information, noise and magnetic resonance from very sensitive tapes like those used to keep confidential files in banks and security systems. Here we have the opportunity to degauss our own internal tapes of all that unconscious, subconscious and even conscious material that keeps us prisoners of our own pain and reactions to it. For another group member it was like coughing up psychic furballs. Simply put “clearing the slate”.


Most of you who have been to Abadiânia, particularly from Australia or NZ, will know Jon (aka Ron) Peres who sits with a great deal of light and dignity in current and outside Pousada Santa Rita, at the gates of the Casa. He is a man who radiates a particular quality of peace and harmony although he has been confined to a wheelchair for many years. He shared with us his secret of resolving any sort of enmity towards any of our fellow beings and gave permission for me to share it with you. It involves welcoming (not inviting as that involves a certain power dynamic) on to your bus. Sometimes it will take a while for them to be ready to do this so be patient. When they are on board take them to a sacred waterfall or other sacred place on the way traversing 3 bridges. The first bridge represents past hurts, the second current hurts and the third future hurts. Call upon the Divine, the Entities, the balancing healing forces of the Universe or whatever model of assistance that feels right for you to help in this process. Take your passengers over all three bridges and then take them into the sacred water with you one by one to wash away all the pain and detritus that has accumulated between you and within each and all of you over whatever time span is involved. Repeat as often as necessary. Simple but very effective. Embellish as much as you wish.

See Ron’s bus for Jon’s simple details plus a whole range of testimonials from people who have tried it…. And for another testimonial, Ron’s bus testimonial.


‘Naked bus - spiritual bus - my bus
The first bus to arrive was the kiwi "naked bus" arising from discussions re traveling around New Zealand. My mind fantasised about frolicking nudity but understands it’s a no frills service - though I find it difficult to imagine how you can make basic bus “no frills”!

The spiritual bus as described by Peter elsewhere proved to be a fabulous tool to disencumber oneself from feeling responsible for others’ life journey; to create space to focus on oneself. So sublimely simple and mind blowingly effective - takes the breath away.

The “my bus” is a tad more difficult to summerise in a few words. It’s my second visit. I look at where I started three weeks ago and where I am now and the word junkie is left bereft for words. In my defence there really are no words to describe the experience. As tapes can be degaussed and wiped clean, the Casa is a degausser of the ego-terrorist within - that great healing energy stream with its entity facets and cast of thousands transforms, transmutes - and dumps out little scrubbed souls who for the first time might have a glimmering of the journey home.

Thank you Peter for facilitating this incredible journey.’


‘Re-entry was a bit of a thump. Welcomed by cold grey skies; cancelled trains and standing room only trains. Then the magic started to happen. Had a follow up appointment at the cancer hospital this morning. My oncologist is the top honcho, probably because I'm feisty, difficult and defy the odds given my sort of diagnosis! Anyway to cut a long story short, the current health of my breast tissue is medically impossible given the nature of the radical radiotherapy they assaulted me with. I shared my John of God experience and we both left shattered. He with a crisis of faith (in science) and I trying to absorb proof of my faith. And so much has changed. I am different and the world seems different - I feel so blessed.’



How far is a stone’s throw? It’s distance enough to leave you in a place where no one can reach you. Just as we come out of the womb alone, we leave this earth alone. Jesus faced his death knowing that he was loved by others but also knowing that in the face of death he was entering a place where he was deeply and utterly alone.

And this emphasis on aloneness is in fact one of the major points within the Passion narratives. In describing Jesus’ death, perhaps more than anything else, the Gospels want us to focus in on his aloneness, his abandonment, his being a stone’s throw away from everyone.

And it is within that utter aloneness that Jesus has to continue to give himself over in trust, love, forgiveness, and faith.

Will love, trust, forgiveness, and faith collapse in our hearts when the emotional pillars that normally sustain us collapse? Can we forgive someone who is hurting us when that person believes that we are the problem? Can we continue to love someone who hates us? Can we continue to believe in trust when everywhere around us we are experiencing betrayal? Can we let our hands and hearts be opened, stretched, and nailed to a cross even when we are fearful? Can we continue to have faith in God when every feeling inside us suggests God has abandoned us? Can we still hand over our spirit when we feel absolutely no human or divine support?

Where are our hearts when we are “a stone’s throw away” from everyone?

Father Ron Rolheiser, OMI -


The next tour in late June is full but there is always room for 1 more. Some of us from that tour will continue on a pilgrimage to some of the sites significant to the Entities during their lifetimes in Europe /Jerusalem/ India. For more info contact

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