Dr Augusto de Almeida

A powerful spirit doctor who works frequently
at the Casa de Dom Inácio. Much loved by all.

Hi fellow PILGRIMS

Because of Medium Joao’s recent ill health, I was drawn to come to Abadiania alone this time to, hopefully, contribute some energy to his ultimate well being.

As some of you know, he had fairly major surgery back in September. The good news he is back working allowing himself to be used by the Entities as, most probably, the most significant in recent times. Albeit a very slimmed down version of his former self.

The other good news is that the energy at the Casa is as powerful as ever.

How may we best contribute to his wellbeing at this time?

Our primary task is quite simple. When we sit to meditate we aspire to send him our best wishes and healing energy that he may receive that which is for his highest good. In other words, we broadcast to him TLC, tender loving care. If we do not feel that when we start because we are still carrying the business of the day and our mind in clouded with other thoughts and feelings then sit awhile until the quieting happens and send the energy at the end of your sitting.

Do this as part of our regular meditation or even if you can during the day, stop for a moment and think of him in these terms. If you are lucky enough to meditate with others then do this together. Don’t underestimate the power of sending others positive healing energy. This has actually been well documented. Also, don’t underestimate the benefits of doing this that you receive — “As you give so you receive”

While we are in this mode, we can also bring to mind anyone else whom we consider would benefit from this healing energy, including our loved ones and the infirmed. We can also focus this aspiration on our leaders that they may lead wisely and for the greatest benefit of all. Ultimately we can also project this energy / aspiration to anyone with whom we experience any sort of animosity whatsoever for their ultimate wellbeing. In this way we will release the burden we carry in relation to them.

Cost benefit analysis? We all benefit, particularly in these troubled times.

Should you be considering coming to Abadiania to sit in the sublime healing and transformative energy of the Casa de Dom Inácio, don’t delay. This place is unique in the world and, as with all things, not going to be here forever. When I present photos, the Entity no longer tells people they need to come but instead gently invites them to come when they can.

Should you wish to join a group see below for detail.


Spaces are available on all of the following tours:

March 2016
November 2016

My June/July tour has been cancelled because of the anticipated craziness with flights due to the Olympic Games being held in Brazil.

For more info contact


Come join us whenever you wish to sit and meditate for the health and wellbeing of all including ourselves. Our group is small, the energy potent. They are “no bells and whistles” meditation sessions in which we sit together and immerse ourselves in the healing energy. You are welcome to join our monthly meditation days whenever you can and our weekly meditation sessions if you are in the Wellington area. It’s a great way to stay plugged in or refresh the link.

New Natural Health Centre

154 Victoria Street, Wellington

Casa de José

14 Laura Ave, Brooklyn, Wellington

See Casa de José for further details.


In this time of giving we are happy to say we have a limited range of crystals and rosaries blessed by the Entities that can be purchased at online shop. All proceeds go towards the Casa de José running expenses.


We have a fine collection of books and DVDs about the Casa and relating to the wider phenomena playing out there. Anyone can borrow these for the price of postage and a koha. You can arrange to borrow them at our online library.


The deadline for sending photos to be taken before the Entity next trip is February 10. See sending photos and taking herbs for details.

FINALLY BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL as one year slides into another and as we all continue our wonderful journeys of unfolding into the totality of who we really are.


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