Greetings fellow pilgrims

Another wonderful healing journey to this magical enclave in the middle of Brazil. Another very gentle group swooped through its ups and downs as the members traversed a whole range of emotions, physical experiences, and ultimately letting goes of manifestations and perceptions that were no longer of use to them. For some, the clinging to those perceptions is more entrenched than for others. As always, each group member had a part to play in what arose for others. Each was a gift.

Ultimately we are all manifestations of the Divine, however perceived. The open heart can see that. The closed heart cannot. Ironically to close our heart to any other being is to close our heart to the Divine and to a manifestation of ourselves. This is ultimately harmful to our wellbeing and our journey to awakening. It does not mean we have to condone all behaviour, particularly that which harms others and ourselves. We can however set our boundaries with a clear and open heart.


Some of the group asked me how they should meditate. This is very individual thing, however I can share my perception of it.

We hear a lot these days of the latest buzz word “mindfulness”. It is fashionable and can just as easily show up in the boardroom or hospital as it can in a meditation retreat or psychotherapeutic session. Mindfulness is not new. The Buddha taught methods 2500 years ago. I’m sure he wasn’t the first. Through the ages, sages have taught methods of mindfulness which are simply methods to guide practitioners into being present to what is. It’s a good starting point to have methods that can bring our monkey minds into the present moment instead of rolling in replays of the past or projections into the future with whatever emotional charges those projections hold for us.

Just focusing on the present rising and falling of the breath is a good starting point. Now many meditation techniques focus on this with one embellishment or another. The focusing on the breath will tend to bring us into the present once our monkey mind quietens. A more intentional heavier breath will help if the waves are big. When we observe we notice there is a flow of thoughts, emotions, physical feelings and chatter. If instead of getting hooked by any of these, we just observe, we will find all these phenomena just arise to pass away and the mind will start to quieten. The trick is to maintain a balanced and equanimous mind with whatever is arising no matter how interesting or overwhelming it might appear to be. It’s all just passing STUFF. If we can just notice it without getting hooked by it, it will just pass away sooner or later.

At some point, when the mind quietens you will be able to observe much more clearly the more subtle phenomena/sensations that are arising with in the body and particularly in the chest area which is sometimes called the heart chakra or centre. Ask a Tibetan Buddhist and they will tell you it is the location of mind. Think of those images of Mary or Jesus with the illuminated or pulsating heart.

Anyway, one thing you will notice is that this area takes on different sensations that are well described in the English language: open hearted, closed hearted, light hearted, heavy hearted, hard hearted, soft hearted, faint hearted, big hearted, generous hearted etc.

Feel all these states within yourself. Just notice them and allow yourself to feel them as they are without either needing to suppress them or feed them. You will notice which ones feel pleasant and which ones don’t.

You will notice that if you can start to work with them in this way the ones that feel pleasant will start to predominate and the others dissolve and you will also notice that something else interesting happens. There is a sense of energetic/physical expansion of the chest area. Check how these feel when observed. When you feel open hearted you will naturally start sending feelings of loving kindness to others and the enmity or agitation that you might have felt towards others or self will start to dissolve. When you feel closed hearted or heavy hearted there will be a physical contraction in the chest which is usually accompanied by emotions of fear, irritation or sadness. Check how these feel when observed. Don’t suppress them or feed them. Just notice with a balanced mind.

Do a cost benefit analysis of which feels more useful and wholesome for you and stick with it.

Ultimately we are potential generators of loving kindness. Nothing is more powerful for our own awakening and wellbeing or for the wellbeing of others. Call it Christ consciousness, Buddha nature, or whatever you like. We live in troubled and evolving times. Each of us has the capacity to aid and abet the outcome of these times by our actions but more importantly by our state of mind/being not only when we meditate in this way but in how consciously we relate to the world and beings around us on a moment by moment basis. We all benefit or we are all afflicted simultaneously from these endeavours. Remember we are all works in progress so cultivate being light hearted with yourself in these endeavours.


“This trip has been all about heart-opening and healing, eating and sleeping. An amazing experience”

“After the Sydney event of 2014 the Entities/Energies blessed me with the ability to understand a little more of “how” the work happens, Forever the scientist needing to understand the Divine! I was able to see some of the subtle energy levels that sit above a body which Medium Joao and the Entities work with, This I know is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, of what they see and how they work. But it was enough for me to return again. ( 9th times in all). Writing now from Abadiania, I am again in awe of this place, this Medium, the Entities, the energies and the Divine. Again, with love, they work on me to change what needs to be changed, heal what needs to be healed and release what needs to be released. So to those who can return, return! To those who can’t return for whatever reason, hold in your hearts and in your daily practises these energies”

"Arriving at Pousada Luz Divina has that comforting ‘coming home’ feeling; it was hard to believe 20 months had passed since my last visit.

Walking to the Casa Wednesday morning there were, I confess, some expectations… I soon realised attachments to past Casa experiences are a waste of time. A totally different adventure unfolded. Serene boundless love, energy and peace, resulting for me in yet a stronger KNOWING and a clearer path.

A great group (again), new friendships and of course fab Group Leader!”

"I was the new kid on the block with only the experience of Sydney and a few trips to the Wellington Casa under my belt.

The experience has been more of a slow burn rather than a flash of lightning. Much as I wanted to experience standing in front of John of God as this was a bit of a non event in Sydney, my real learning came through sitting in current. Current can be a stretch especially at a five hour sit – the rewards though make it worthwhile.

As one particular current drew to a close, a visualisation was offered: a waterfall flowing into a big pool and I think the suggestion was family and friends in a circle holding hands. This was a powerful visualisation for me. I saw my children, family members, close friends, acquaintances all linked together in a circle. Anyone that popped into mind joined the circle. The gift was the sense of pure love with which each person regarded me. Each person smiled – a smile that was free of any angst or concern; there was a sense of the wholeness within each person. I have family members with mental and intellectual disabilities – they were free of these things. Their pure loving selves just shone through.

I left the current with a deeper understanding that each person is ‘whole’ no matter their presentation; it is our perception and the biases and filters through which we view them that limits them - and us. All made the decision to be here and all are part of my journey. A wonderful insight for me”.


For any of you who frequent the website, you will know a lot of building renovation has occurred at the Casa designed to allow it to run more smoothly with the numbers flowing through there each day … and it does… . The energy in the current (meditation) rooms also seems to flow easier and smoother. The soup kitchen has its new home which is both beautiful and light. Medium Joao, now 73, seems healthier than I have seen him for years. His new baby daughter born in April may be helping with that also.

We wish his family well.


You are all welcome to come to our monthly meditation days whenever you can and our weekly meditation sessions if you are in the Wellington area. It’s a great way to stay plugged in or refresh the link.

New Natural Health Centre

154 Victoria Street, Wellington

Casa de José

14 Laura Ave, Brooklyn, Wellington

See Casa de José for further details.


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Would highly recommend for those who haven’t been to Brazil for a while or who haven’t sent photos for some time to send photos and do another round of herbs. The deadline to get those photos to me for the next trip is October 15. See sending photos and taking herbs for details.


We have a selection of crystals and rosaries from the Casa blessed by the Entities for purchase through our online shop. The proceeds from them go towards the Casa de José running expenses.


We have a fine collection of books and DVDs about the Casa and relating to the wider phenomena playing out there. Anyone can borrow these for the price of postage and a koha. You can arrange to borrow them at our online library.


We have blessed water at the Casa de José made from samples from water brought from many trips to the Casa in Brazil and many events around the world. It is available for cost of postage, the glass bottle and a koha. I highly recommend to each of you that you continue using this on a daily basis and multiplying it yourselves for your own use and for others. Any of you who have doubt about the properties of blessed water, I would recommend that you google Dr Masuru Emoto and check out some of his research.

I wish you all well on your ongoing journey

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