Greetings fellow pilgrims

Seems like a long while since the last postcard with a gap of 3 months in the Occupied Territories of Old Jerusalem and time in Armageddon (aka Megiddo) in the interim. Yes Armageddon. It was constructed and razed at least 26 times and that was until 2500 years ago. Was the site of a few battles since including the last stand of the Ottomans and Field Marshall Allenby at the end of WW1. We don’t have a monopoly on tumultuous times!

We certainly live in interesting times, however, with so much change, turbulence and polarization very much in our faces. Whenever there is great change then that lumpiness and bumpiness is part of the process. Consider what happens to the egg when you make an omelette. The key is to flow with it rather than getting caught up in the fear and the “aint it awful” surrounding it. To find within that a place of peace and equanimity in the eye of the storm whether that storm appears to be internal or external.

It’s been a wonderful heartfelt group brought together by similar experiences and a bonding in love, sharing and pain.

It has been one of the themes of this pilgrimage to take responsibility for our own journey and at the same time to be able to plug into the resources and sources available to us to support that journey. Part of this is to also let go of our need to try to change others to make it more comfortable for ourselves even when we know it’s “for their own good”.

At the end of the day all we can really practice is coming from a place of love and support which was present in bucket loads in the group. One of the important themes that came up was the need to trust in the process and not give up just because things are not going according to our plan and bring up uncomfortable feelings. Having said that there is also a time to be wary and to let go.

I am reminded of the Arabic saying “Lift your vision to God AND tether your camel”. It is part of the taking responsibility for what are our own tasks and to surrender what are not.

Part of that is also healing the relationships with those with whom we feel aggrieved past or present. It is us that carry that pain like a load of rocks in a backpack when we hang on to past hurts. It is our choice about whether we work to let go of those rocks and lighten our load or not…… So much healing of past family relationships has been apparent in this group.

There has also been that sense of deep homesickness that so many people carry and that doesn’t relate to our current place we call home. Here there is the opportunity to really connect with that place we call home deep within ourselves and our link into the Divine in the right now however and wherever we perceive that.

The other theme that came up in several group members was the desire to be of greater service whatever that may mean. There is often a sense that we have to be doing something different than we are now to be of service when in fact being of service is an attitude of open heartedness and “how may I help”, that can be applied to whatever we are doing right now whether a president or street sweeper, doctor, lawyer or Indian chief. It is not a matter of what we are doing but rather the attitude or beingness we bring to that task. Is it to actually help others or just me and my egoic sense of inflation or deflation?


“So many wonderful comments about the experience: As a first timer to the Casa, this has been a wonderful opportunity to look within in a supportive loving and spiritually nurturing environment. I went with no expectations and experienced so much more. It has changed me, opened me up in ways I didn’t imagine possible and this is just the beginning…..”

“after surgery/intervention the “time out” gave me deep insights about shadow sides and later the opportunity to transform them…….Under the crystal bed every day I could feel the tingling in my body, all over, and know deeply, that they were working with my body. The energy is so strong. Much stronger than previous visits…..”

“Felt really well looked after on this trip. Loved someone to talk to when difficult stuff came up..... and having practical ways to release challenging energies”

“My whole body and heart couldn’t help but open when I arrive. It seems this trip was a time for sleeping and gentle processing. The difficult times passed quickly amid new learnings surfaced.... some with ease...others with guidance”

“My heart is bursting with love for all creation”

“Loved the group meetings. So affirming, supportive and synchronistic for what we were all going through”

TOURS 2017

Please give as much notice as possible of your desire to join a group and make sure that your passport has at least 6 months on it beyond the time of returning home.

Please contact me directly at p.waugh@xtra.co.nz if interested in any of these.


The Casa in Wellington continues to bubble along and evolve. The energy is becoming stronger and more sublime. The time has come when we have added some more active healing sessions very much to the benefit of those giving and receiving the more focused healing energy.

Session Times

New Natural Health Centre
154 Victoria Street, Wellington
Monday evenings: 7:15pm – 8:15pm

Casa de José
14 Laura Ave, Brooklyn, Wellington
Wednesday evenings: 8:30pm – 9:30pm
2nd Saturday of every month: 10am – 12pm, 1:30pm – 3:30pm.

See Casa de José for further details.

Feel free if you are in other parts of NZ or the world to join us from home for our sittings.

Please also remember the special sitting for Medium João’s health and wellbeing at 9pm every Thursday for 15 minutes whatever time zone you are in.

The Library

The group at the Casa this time got a lot out of watching the recent movie depictions of some of the books channelled by Chico Xavier and a docu/biography of his life. He was a psychographic writer and healer and Medium João’s mentor. His life exemplified a lot of traits worth aspiring to.

We have some of the books he channelled that have been translated into English plus those dvds and a selection of the works of Alan Kardec also in English for anyone who wishes to borrow them for the price of postage and a koha. You can arrange to borrow them at our online library.


FINALLY as 2016 comes to an end with all its turbulence and change may we wish you a rewarding and enriching growth filled New Year in 2017. Remember the words of Chico Xavier “We can't go back and have a new beginning but in how we act now we can influence the ending.”

Peter and the team at Casa de José Wellington

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