Greetings fellow pilgrims

So here we are again at the Casa de Dom Inácio, Abadiânia, Brazil. Many of you know it well. For some of you it remains an aspiration. For you, I suggest that you hold firmly to the aspiration to come here and watch what unfolds. For some of us, our journey here included the experience of another place of great wonder, the Iguaçu Falls, a truly powerful experience. We stayed 2 nights actually next to the Falls to absorb all they have to offer. It is so easy, after being to Abadiânia on a number of occasions, to become blasé about the place and no longer the experience the sublime opportunity that occurs when we really commit ourselves to being here. This time I challenged the participants to actually put away their cell phones and computers, at least through the Casa week, and see what happens when they more deeply focus their attention on just being here right now. They did with some reluctance and found that the uncoupling from the outside world for a few days was a great relief that deepened their experience of being here. Try it for yourselves and just watch the reactions within you.

As usual there are common threads that arise through each of the group’s journeys. This time it was trust and the underlying fear that impedes us from letting go fully. Trust is an interesting state. Easy to cultivate when things are going well. However it can tends to fly out the window when the proverbial ”s..t” hits the fan and the underlying fear is exposed. I had a teacher once who used to quote the little ditty “Its easy to smile while life flows along like a sweet song. But the person worthwhile is the person who can smile when everything goes dead wrong.”

Fear underlies our inability to trust. Fear is on one level a hard wired survival response closely linked to both our adrenal glands and the most primitive parts of our brain. Very useful when we are about to be set upon by a sabre toothed tiger or in the face of some actual life threatening event. However our modern life styles and the manipulation by media and the political powers that be to attract our attention using the fear response, has led to the soft wiring of a hyperactive sensitivity to anything that can be construed as even vaguely threatening to our sense of “I” “me” “my”. As such many of us have developed that habit of constantly having the fear response switched on and living in a state of anxiety. Not only does this feel quite unpleasant, although very familiar, it is also very harmful to health. The continual secretion of the hormone adrenaline which is a powerful toxin in the body when left unprocessed has a severe impact on our ongoing physical wellbeing. It also shuts down our capacity to love unconditionally. We often think of hatred as being the antithesis of love when in fact the opposite of love is fear. When we are anxious/fearful we close down our heart centre, the domain of our thymus gland which is central to our immune systems. It is also the centre from which we are all capable of channelling unconditional loving kindness to others. Feel for yourself what happens to your chest and your breath when you feel anxious and also when you feel a sense of loving kindness. In the first, the chest is contracted and the breath constricted. In the latter the chest is open and the breath flows easily In the constricted/anxious state there is no way we can trust. It is anatomically impossible. However the opposite is also true.

As such it means that we can start to dissolve the non-trusting anxiety pathways and reinforce more healthful, relaxed and trusting pathways by cultivating awareness of breath and physically assuming a posture that opens up the chest. Old habits die hard and so many many times we will revert to the old form of soft wired anxiety and contraction and all that goes with it. The beauty of the support of the Entities and the Divine healing matrix that we are plugged into here, and ultimately everywhere, is that if we are prepared to really set the intent to dissolve that anxiety and all that underpins it, then as surely as the dawn follows night we will dissolve it. Our part is to be actively involved in changing those unpleasant habit patterns. In doing so as anxiety/fear recedes so TRUST will arise automatically. That requires our vigilance in endeavouring to remain present in the here and now. Linking to the Divinity of the present breath and to all the healing forces of the universe is a wonderfully effective way of doing just that. This does not mean that we abrogate our responsibility (capacity to respond) should we be confronted with a sabre toothed tiger or other life threatening situation. It is useful to ponder the Arabic saying “Lift your eyes to God AND tether your camel”.


“Having visited the Casa seven times, sometimes alone, I can not put into words the feeling of gratitude and humility I experienced this time visiting with Peter. The group was small, but the love, learnings, laughter and experiences were huge. This is a magical place where following full protocol means that you will get the very most out of the experience. Peter is a wonderful guide to ensure you get just that.”

“Trying to put down in words what one feels in Abadiania is a challenge, a bit like when deciding to come along…shall I, should I, can I…… for the ride. Sure it gets bumpy here, OH so worth It…an inner peace, a comfortable knowing, the LOVE you see and feel, fellowship of like minded people, laughter and tears….chocolate and chicken (not together)….. colour and LIGHT all in one place at Casa De Dom Inacio.”

Iguaçu Falls



• Early November 2017 (Please show expressions of interest early as this pilgrimage is filling fast).

• March/April 2018 (possibly via Iguaçu if there is sufficient interest).

• Late June 2018
This tour will be followed by a pilgrimage through some of the sacred sites of the Entities when they were incarnate: Monserrat (St Ignatius), Assisi(St Francis, St Claire), Jerusalem (King Solomon, King David, Jesus, Mary, Joseph), Goa (St Francis Xavier). This will be a small mobile group so a moderate level of fitness is important to make the most of it

• November 2018.

Please give as much notice as possible of your desire to join a group and make sure that your passport has at least 6 months on it beyond the time of returning home.

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We continue to have a supply of rosaries and crystals from the Casa de Dom Inacio, blessed by the Entities, available in Wellington. See online shop for details.

Peter and the team at Casa de José Wellington

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