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GREETINGS Fellow pilgrims on this curious journey through life in human form.

At one of the events in NZ the Entity asked people to find me. When I went to him he said ďyou know a lifetime for you is the blink of an eye for usĒ then he told me to go back to work. It didnít mean all that much to me then. However over the last 10 years the truth and importance of that perspective has sunk increasingly deeper into me.

It has at least 2 important aspects. The first is that our time here is so transitory that it behoves us to make the most of it and squeeze every last drop of juice out of it. Secondly, what is important and how do we show up to really receive what it has to offer.

The theme of this pilgrimage went right to the heart of this as people realized and came to terms with the strategies they predominantly use to avoid truly connecting with themselves and others. These patterns are usually learned at a very early age to keep us safe. Some just pull back and go hide under the bed. Some fill the space around themselves with a whirlwind of words so that no one can get close to their core even themselves. For some itís the concern of what others, in the outside world, may think that stops them really connecting.

As one participant realized in meditation ďBeing vulnerable and receiving support is not showing weakness, it is accepting and embracing loveď.

Itís a central theme for each of us. What will it take to allow us to feel safe enough and vulnerable enough to open our hearts to be able to truly give and receive the enormity of what this curious experience of a lifetime or lifetimes in human form have to offer us as we hurtle through the universe on this tiny inconsequential fragment of rock we call Mother Earth, our terrestrial abode this time round.

The 3 week experience at the Casa de Dom Inácio is a great place to start or continue this journey no matter what the background symptoms, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, that maybe gave you the nudge undertake this journey. The support of the Energies of this place and the actual group energy is of unfathomable benefit.


“I have always been someone who strives for perfection, especially in work, which has often ended in me holding onto a lot of stress and anxiety with worry that what I am doing will not be good enough. Sitting under the mango tree on a lovely sunny day, this quote was told to us, and it really resonated with me. This is surprising as automatically you would think it could add pressure, but it was quite the opposite, I felt a release. It is not striving to be perfect, itís just about doing my best with the knowledge and capacity I have.”

“Good better best
Never let us rest
Until our good is better
And our better is our best”
(St Ignatius de Loyola aka Dom Inacio)

“My experience at The Casa was sacred and will be with me for the rest of my life. I have always sat with doubt - am I good enough? - is this intuition real? - is my work really divinely guided? - I received all I was looking for and more. God bless us all.”

“Peter can think of things to guide you that even you have forgotten - or didnít even realise about. He makes the suggestion in a way that is your own words so feels right to you. I would highly recommend him if you are thinking of taking a trip to Abadiania”

“I feel as though the chocks have been removed from under my wheels”

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* April 6 - 30

* June 22 - July 16

* November 2 - 6

* Approximate dates of departure from NZ and return. Those from other destinations may join us en route or in Abadiania. A shorter stay in Abadiania is an option however the 3 weeks is recommended particularly for first timers. For more information visit the website or contact Peter.


The Casa de José was setup in 2008 at the request of the Entities of Light to continue their work in New Zealand after the two New Zealand John of God events. We have been holding regular current and healing sessions since that time. These sessions are open to all who wish to participate. Please arrive before the session starts to avoid disturbing those already sitting and, if possible, wear loose fitting white clothing. Bottles of blessed water are also available there. A koha to cover the cost of the bottle is appreciated.

Session Times

New Natural Health Centre
154 Victoria Street, Wellington
Monday evenings: 7:15pm – 8:15pm

Casa de José
14 Laura Ave, Brooklyn, Wellington
Wednesday evenings: 8:30pm – 9:30pm
2nd Saturday of every month: 10am – 12pm, 1:30pm – 3:30pm.

See Casa de José for further details.

If you are located outside Wellington you can join us remotely by sitting at the same time as a Casa de José session with the intention of linking into the healing current.

Please also remember the special sitting for Medium Joãoís health and wellbeing at 9pm every Thursday for 15 minutes whatever time zone you are in.


We have a wonderful collection of books and videos about the work that occurs at the Casa de Dom Inácio and the background mechanisms that underpin it. These can be borrowed for a limited time. Please return the books promptly when finished so others have the opportunity to read them. A koha is appreciated to cover postage and to maintain the library. See online library for details.


We have a supply of rosaries and crystals from the Casa de Dom Inácio that have been blessed by the Entities. See online shop for details.


This is a useful source of information about the Casa, recommended guides, crystal beds operating around the world and anecdotes from personal experiences relating to the Casa de Dom Inácio:


We try to keep an updated list of crystal beds available for use in New Zealand. If you know of any inaccuracies in our list, please let us know by emailing

Peter and the team at Casa de José Wellington

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