Greetings Fellow Pilgrims

A beautiful winter in Abadiânia. A non humid 27/28 during the day and 13/14 at night. Good lodgings, good food. A great group who worked seriously and hard, with lots of laughter, and some tears, and will continue to receive the ongoing outcomes which will ripple through for months and even years in some cases. It is always great to have a blend of first timers and repeats as the repeats tend to go deeper and tend to be able to reassure the first timers that the processes they are going through are normal if also unique.

There was a multiplicity of themes and questions this time which all really boiled down to BEING HERE NOW with what is rather than rolling in griefs or photo shopped memories of the past or having unfulfilled expectations of outcomes and of people which they, and the universe, are under absolutely no obligation to fulfil.

We so often see others as two dimensional characters who are supposed to stay the same and fulfil the narrow role we have created for them in our own soap opera. We get so upset when they go off script (our script) and become more fully human no longer fulfilling our expectations of how they “should” be and how our personal soap opera “should” unfold.

The agitation we can get into at this point keeps us well away from being connected without ourselves, with others, the Divine and with the present moment and all the peace and joy that can arise only there if we allow it to.

So often the outer world will “conspire” to mirror/reflect back to us what is arising within us. Sometimes it will provide us with a perfect storm which conspires to bring our deep issues to the surface. We project outwards and shadow box our way through these outer manifestations without recognizing that they are mere reflections of what is a rising inside us with all the agitation, anxiety and feelings of disconnection contained therein.

What happens when we do become aware? At first it can be very uncomfortable and we strive to find yet other external objects to focus our attention on. Or we can start the process of observing what is really going on in the big top of the only show in town, ourselves.

If we are too agitated some vigorous exercise may be sufficient for us to quieten. When a little quieter we can start to observe our constant companion through life, our breath, which will reflect each and every mood change and physical nuance that we go through. When a little quieter we can start going deeper and just watch the constant process of change in the physical body. It might sound simple and actually it is. We have just got to remember to remain mindful to it. When we find ourselves having fallen out of mindfulness and being present we can just gently and without judgement bring attention back to ourselves. Gradually with practice the agitation will dissolve into calm. The calm will dissolve into peace. The peace will dissolve into joy no matter what is occurring in the outer world.

“But I don’t have time” is a typically constant refrain. Then we get agitated when the spaces appear that we can do exactly that….waiting for the traffic lights to change, standing in a cue at the supermarket, waiting waiting for this or that. Such moments are, for a lot of people, opportunities to roll in anxiety, agitation and irritation. However these moments are pure gold if we wish to see them and use them as such. Moments that are not filled with other “stuff” that can be used as moments in the day to just be with ourselves, our breath, our body, our being. Moments to take a brief respite from the sensory chaos of the outer world.

The choice is ours. Try it and see.

We can be as prescriptive as we like about our future. However the reality is expressed no better than by Martin Luther King Junior:

“Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”


“The whole experience brought home my faith in everything so much more, particularly the universe and my trust in bliss. A very emotional and, at times, overwhelming experience but I felt very supported by the group.”

“I had a dream that I was surrounded by crappy nappies and I planted beautiful flowers in each one of them.”

“Stupendous! Just like a mother duck looking after her ducklings.”

“I am aware of the multiple layers opening up, the unveiling, the surrendering, the clearing, in a safe place guided by Peter. An astonishing lifetime experience. Thank you Peter.”

“This trip paid for itself in avocados. Highly recommended for any millennials torn between buying a house and travelling.”

“I learned that to fulfil your life purpose you need to try and understand your soul purpose. Soul=awareness=consciousness. Soul purpose = anything that fills your heart with passion.”

Iguaçu Falls



November 2-27 2018 (Only a couple of spaces left)

Mid March 2019

Late June 2019

Early November 2019


The Casa de José was setup in 2008 at the request of the Entities of Light to continue their work in New Zealand after the two New Zealand John of God events. We have been holding regular current and healing sessions since that time. These sessions are open to all who wish to participate. Please arrive before the session starts to avoid disturbing those already sitting and, if possible, wear loose fitting white clothing. Bottles of blessed water are also available there. A koha to cover the cost of the bottle is appreciated.

Session Times

New Natural Health Centre
154 Victoria Street, Wellington
Monday evenings: 7:15pm – 8:15pm

Casa de José
14 Laura Ave, Brooklyn, Wellington
Wednesday evenings: 8:30pm – 9:30pm
2nd Saturday of every month: 10am – 12pm, 1:30pm – 3:30pm.

See Casa de José for further details.


We have a wonderful collection of books and videos about the work that occurs at the Casa de Dom Inácio and the background mechanisms that underpin it. These can be borrowed for a limited time. Please return the books promptly when finished so others have the opportunity to read them. A koha is appreciated to cover postage and to maintain the library. See online library for details.

Peter and the team at Casa de José Wellington

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