Greetings Fellow Pilgrims

Each pilgrimage, whatever the size, has its own flavour and theme. This one was no exception.

A group member who joined from another part of the world decided not to stay but also not to check in for his flight home when he got to the airport. He disappeared for a week into his own adventure. This became an interesting journey for us through the labyrinthian bureaucracy that exists in Brazil trying to find him. It also provided the experience of contact with some of the kindness and most open hearted of people we could meet anywhere. A part of his journey of awakening more fully along roads definitely less travelled. Needless to say we found him and all is well despite a few extra white hairs for me.

Then there was the disruption of air travel resulting from the grounding of the dreamliners but thatís another story also with a happy ending. All part of the pilgrimís progress.

This all played into the theme of the pilgrimage that for each of us, at any point, life is an unfinished symphony. Despite our desire for it to be different and completed, it never is. All we can do is keep on journeying shedding what is no longer useful for us (eg. ill will and our attachment to all that is inconsequential) and accumulating within us that which is useful. Primarily that is an open and unconditional heartedness in relation to all.

Putting that another way it is true and total forgiveness, the complete shedding of all we carry about our perception of the deficiencies and limitations in ourselves and others, as well as total acceptance of what is on a deep and profound level.

This can be expressed no better than it was in a piece by Ron Rolheiser OMI.

ďHenri Nouwen, speaking about his experience of living with handicapped adults in LíArche, once remarked: ďWhat is so unique about living in LíArche is that here I am loved by people who are in no way impressed with me.Ē


What is contained in these comments can be very helpful in answering the question: How do I know what real love is? Real love is always a coming home, itís not a place we deserve or earn, itís coming to a place where you sense others will love you without necessarily being impressed with you. Thus, real love is always experienced as a security, a safe place, home, a safe harbor which we sail into. Itís a place of rest. For this reason, it is experienced as a place from which you donít want to, or need to, go home.

Conversely, infatuation and other kinds of bonding that can feel like real love, are places of insecurity, of deep restlessness, places which ďdonít have to take us,Ē places which we have to earn, places where we have to perform and impress, and places from which, ultimately, we go home.

The criterion to use when choosing someone for marriage, or even for intimate friendship, is the sense of coming home. Love is home. Ultimately, if we cannot really be of one heart and mind with someone, however interesting and exciting that person might be, then that other will become just part of our world and we will grow apart and go our separate ways, that is, to our separate homes.

Given the complexities of the human heart, we can be obsessed with someone, painfully and hopelessly even, and yet in that relationship, not be at our right place in the universe. In the end, our completeness, real love, home, lies elsewhere. But the heart needs to be scrutinized carefully before it will tell us that.

Our true rest lies, namely, at that place where we donít have to impress or perform, or earn or win, where we feel safe and secure, and where we are at home.Ē


Despite large numbers of people attending the Casa de Dom Inacio, it is characterised these days by a quiet and peaceful tranquillity reminiscent of aspects of Nosso Lar, Andre Luizís depiction of a form of the afterlife as channelled through Chico Chavier. Nosso Lar is now both and a movie available on loan through the library of the Casa de Jose in Wellington. Gone is much of the noise, save the bird song, and chaotic pushing and crowding that was the norm of earlier days.

Some remarkable healings are still occurring on a regular basis. For most of us it is still the slower journey of working down through, and resolving, the deeper and underlying layers of whatever is triggering what is manifesting on the surface levels of our physical or mental health and well being. I am no less awed by what I experience here than I was when I first ventured here with groups 16 years ago.


“What a privilege it is to spend time in this beautiful spiritual place. Deep compassionate healing, wonderful people, delicious food and a waterfall that powerfully cleanses and inspires. So much to be grateful for.”


Medium João, in a special ceremony with his wife and daughter, has received the Maltese cross. Itís an ancient honour that originated in 1099, at the time of the Knights Templar and Hospitalier.

Google Sovereign Military Order of Malta to find more background information, history and full title. The award will be framed and hung in the Photo Museum Room at the Casa.


June 22 - July 2018 (via Iguacu Falls or join us in Brazil)

November 2018

Mid March 2019

Late June 2019

Early November 2019


The Casa de José was setup in 2008 at the request of the Entities of Light to continue their work in New Zealand after the two New Zealand John of God events. We have been holding regular current and healing sessions since that time. These sessions are open to all who wish to participate. Please arrive before the session starts to avoid disturbing those already sitting and, if possible, wear loose fitting white clothing. Bottles of blessed water are also available there. A koha to cover the cost of the bottle is appreciated.

Session Times

New Natural Health Centre
154 Victoria Street, Wellington
Monday evenings: 7:15pm – 8:15pm

Casa de José
14 Laura Ave, Brooklyn, Wellington
Wednesday evenings: 8:30pm – 9:30pm
2nd Saturday of every month: 10am – 12pm, 1:30pm – 3:30pm.

See Casa de José for further details.


We have a wonderful collection of books and videos about the work that occurs at the Casa de Dom Inácio and the background mechanisms that underpin it. These can be borrowed for a limited time. Please return the books promptly when finished so others have the opportunity to read them. A koha is appreciated to cover postage and to maintain the library. See online library for details.

Peter and the team at Casa de José Wellington

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