Greetings fellow pilgrims as we arrive at the end of another cycle of seasons that we call a year. For some of you I know it has been momentous and life changing or life challenging. May you have received the fruits of all the lessons it has had to offer. Some of those fruits may have been sweeter tasting than others. Some fruits may still be in the process of ripening. Some may not yet be mature enough to be perceived as fruits. The process of maturation will undoubtedly continue. Our task is to be able to see the process as it is, hopefully keeping a part of ourselves able to just observe with a compassionate heart without getting too caught up in it.

This has been another wonderful pilgrimage punctuated by lots of laughter and quite a few tears. As usual certain themes presented themselves. This time around self esteem, our capacity to truly love ourselves, warts and all. Also the opportunity to find the support and a safe place to be able to examine the masks we present to the world. Also to get to know the more authentic and often vulnerable parts of ourselves that are so often protected by those masks and hidden from ourselves and others. This can involve touching hitherto unknown or unacceptible parts of ourselves where we carry grief, fear and anger. There is so much gold hidden in these parts that we don't have the opportunity to relish and savour until we are able to resolve their pain. The great joy for me is observing them surface and become integrated.

We misunderstand the notion of having a strong sense of self/ego as being egotistical. It can be when applied by the masks that the small fearful “I me myself” use to protect themselves…my power, my pain, my opinion, my happiness, my wants. However there is another deeper sense of self that relates to… our power, our pain, our opinions, our happiness, our wants that is much bigger and more powerful. This is the ego that can truly tap into “Thy will, not my will, be done” and get beyond the “what’s in it for me?”

We so often see others as two dimensional characters who are supposed to stay the same and fulfil the narrow role we have created for them in our own soap opera. We get so upset when they go off script (our script) and become more fully human, no longer fulfilling our expectations of how they “should” be and how our personal soap opera “should” unfold.

When we find this place our relationship with self, self love, self esteem, the voices within we do not like, and others truly changes. It is no longer predicated on fear, grief and rage but rather unconditional love.

The Casa de Dom Inácio is a place where mountains can move in relation to that process of change.


Currently Medium Joao is in very good spirits and the energy of the Casa is very powerful and smooth. A considerable number of what may be described as “miraculous” healings are taking place. I strongly recommend anyone intending to come at some stage to do it sooner rather than later. Change is inherent in all component things including this phenomenon.


“Abadiania Spiritual Soup recipe....

Unease, nervousness mixed with reassurance, add ‘line’, current and intervention then pour in sleep or not..... throw in as many waterfalls, crystal beds as possible.... simmer with hilarity, laughter, love, peace, fellowship and knowing.

Delicious you will crave more helpings.”

“When you visit John of God, you are really visiting your true self. It can be painful and confronting to let go and see who you really are…and importantly, who you can be. Pete is extraordinarily gifted at helping to create a safe and trusting environment where you know when you do let go you won’t fall. Rather you will have the freedom to fly.”

“It has been a roller coaster ride to say the least AND maybe just maybe I have found my spiritual home”

“Travelling to the Casa was more than I could ask for. Not only did it heal a physical ailment but to heal my life. Also the prescription to allow one to heal oneself”

“At this difficult time in my life I found the promise of the trip something to look forward to. I’ve never been to South America before and found Peter to be an excellent guide and mentor. We finally arrived at the pousada (guesthouse) which was very nice. Our first trip to the casa was great. A very low key place, beautiful garden area with a great outlook over the countryside. The energy there was amazing.
Before our next trip there we were encouraged to focus on what we wanted to get out of the experience. My expectation of the process was one of a peaceful transition to what I wanted to get from the John of God experience. Instead it’s been quite painful, physically, mentally and emotionally. But, with perseverance, I started to notice changes, subtle at first, and then much more profound. Sitting in lengthy meditations was initially painful but then I started to look forward to it. I really feel the work done here is life changing and I am so greatful for the opportunity to do it. Thank you so much.”

“Experience of Abadiania
This experience has been one of the most amazing, intense and challenging three weeks of my life.
Everyday I was faced with a new challenge or new awareness about myself.
This was brought about by the incredible energy found at the Casa and in Abadiania. Medium Joao and his amazing team opened me up to see many things I had never before and ultimately has created an awareness and love for myself that I haven't before.”


All tours in 2019 /20 will include 3 Casa weeks. Some tours will be direct. Others will be via a stopover in Buenos Aires and Iguacu. All include a stopover in Rio.

Those coming from other parts of the world or for a shorter duration can meet us there.

The June/July 2020 tour may have the addon of a pilgrimage through sites important to some of the Entities during their earthly lifetimes including Monserrat Spain (St Ignatius), Assisi (St Francis), Jerusalem (many) and Goa (St Francis Xavier). There are also stops in between - Barcelona, Rome, Istanbul. We travel as a small group, relatively rapidly. A lot of walking is involved so a moderate degree of fitness is required.


March 15 - April 8

June 28 - July 23

November 9 - December 2


Approximately the same dates as 2019.

As we have a limited supply of accommodation in Abadiânia participants come on a first booked first housed basis.


I would like to acknowledge all of those who contribute to energy of the Casa de José by helping out with cleaning, massaging it inside and out, making soup on Casa days, doing the opening and closing prayers, keeping the database and newsletter functioning and those who come to sit on Casa days and our weekly meditations thereby providing the energy to keep this very special space operating. And also I wish to thank the legion of Entities who join us to support our journeys to health and awakening more fully into the totality of who really are.

The Casa de José was setup in 2008 at the request of the Entities of Light to continue their work in New Zealand after the two New Zealand John of God events. We have been holding regular current and healing sessions since that time. These sessions are open to all who wish to participate. Please arrive before the session starts to avoid disturbing those already sitting and, if possible, wear loose fitting white clothing. Bottles of blessed water are also available. A koha to cover the cost of the bottle is appreciated.

Session Times

New Natural Health Centre
154 Victoria Street, Wellington
Monday evenings: 7:15pm – 8:15pm

Casa de José
14 Laura Ave, Brooklyn, Wellington
Wednesday evenings: 8:30pm – 9:30pm
2nd Saturday of every month: 10am – 12pm, 1:30pm – 3:30pm.

See Casa de José for further details.


We have a wonderful collection of books and videos about the work that occurs at the Casa de Dom Inácio and the background mechanisms that underpin it. These can be borrowed for a limited time. Please return the books promptly when finished so others have the opportunity to read them. A koha is appreciated to cover postage and to maintain the library. See online library for details.


We have some crystals and rosaries from the Casa de Dom Inácio available for purchase through our website. See online store for details.

Peter and the team at Casa de José Wellington

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